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Map: South West Victoria (1842 sketch map) - shows squatters, inns and tracks only 5 years after the HENTY family moved inland to settle "Merino Downs", "Muntham" & "Sandford".

Map: South West Victoria (Counties) - 1885 map showing Counties of Lowan, Borung, Follett, Dundas, Normanby & Villiers from Lake Hindmarsh in the north to Portland & Warrnambool on the south coast.

Map: Western Victorian Modern Map (zoom in / out) (ext. link)

Map: Google Maps (Modern Map, Seach for locations, etc) (ext. link)

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Military History

Newspaper Extracts

Schools & Schooling

Branxholme Area Schools

Branxholme SS 1978

Byaduk Area Schools

Byaduk SS 855
Byaduk North SS 1418

Casterton Area Schools

Bahgallah SS 1586
Carapook SS 1624 & SS 1969 & Bruk Bruk SS 915
Muntham School SS 2112
Casterton SS 2058
Casterton High School
Chetwynd SS 2738
Chetwynd East SS 2975
Chetwynd Junction SS 1777
Corndale SS 2716
Derghom SS 1729
Dunrobin SS 3777
Lake Mundi SS 1786
Langkoop / Meereek SS 2633
Nangeela SS 3037
Poolaijelo SS 2978
Power's Creek SS 2217
Roseneath SS 1730
Tallangower SS 1871
Tullich SS 2604
Wytwarrone SS 2273

Coleraine Area Schools

Bil-Bil-Wyt SS No 1936
Brit Brit SS No 1332
Coleraine SS No 2118
Gringegalgona SS No 4349
Gritjurk SS No 1041
Gritjurk South SS No 3326
Hilgay SS No 4281
Konongwootong SS No 1338
Konongwootong SS No 3769
Balochile or Konongwootong South SS No 3789
Konongwootong North SS No 4362
Melville Forest SS No 4415
Muntham SS No 2112
Salt Pans SS No 1041
Tarrayoukyan SS No 1688
Wootong Vale SS No 4478

Condah Area Schools

Condah South SS 3055

Dartmoor Area Schools

Dartmoor SS 1035
Dartmoor North SS 3148
Drik Drik SS 971
Greenwald SS 2653
Greenwald East SS 4559
Lyons SS 3254
Mumbannar SS 1354
Nelson SS 1615
Puralka SS 4584

Digby Area Schools

Digby 191 & SS 2047
Digby South SS 2876
Morven SS 3826

Hotspur Area Schools

Hotspur SS 1260
Lower Crawford SS 2406

Macarthur Area Schools

Ardonachie Common School

Merino Area Schools

Bowtell's Creek SS 2601
Glenorchy Estate SS 4351
Grassdale SS 1547
Henty & Dwyer's Creek SS 2020
Merino SS 2115
Merino Downs SS 2548
Mocamboro SS 1448
Murndal SS 1735
Paschendale SS 4107
Tahara SS 1378
Tahara Bridge SS 2451
Tahara West SS 3493
Talisker SS 4492
Wurt Wurt Koort SS 3728

Sandford Area Schools

Sandford SS 1654

Strathdownie Area Schools

Ardno West SS 2974
Kaladbro SS 2397
Killara SS 2378
Killara North SS 3425
Strathdownie SS 2883
Strathdownie West SS 2239
Wilkin (Strathdownie East) SS 2359

Wando Vale Area Schools

Brimboal SS 2023
Wando Vale SS 3397
Wando Vale North SS 3591
Wando Bridge SS 3842
Wando Heights SS 4668

Area Maps

County Maps - South Western Victoria (ca1885)

Compiled Daryl Povey