Settlers on Konongwootong South Estate - sub-divided into sixty-two farms by the Closer Settlement Board in 1910 - successfully petitioned for a school in the district. The school was sited on the corner of Edenhope Rd and McDonnell's Lane, Crown Allotment 4, sub-division of Konongwootong South Estate, Parish of Konongwootong, County of Dundas. Nellie E. GIDNEY was the first HT when the building, which was shifted from Brit Brit, was opened on 24th of June 1913. In 1923 a new building was opened, but due to low enrolments, the school closed on 20th February 1942, and the building was shifted to Hamilton HS in 1944 for use as a gymnasium.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.