Carapook, Muntham, Bruk Bruk & Beerik are neighbouring parishes in South-Western Victoria, Australia.

Carapook is also a small settlement on Sawyers Creek, now called MacPherson Creek, surrounded by rolling hills, between Casterton and Coleraine in south western Victoria. Originally a part of the "Muntham" Pastoral Run settled by the HENTY brothers in 1837, it is defined by the parishes of Bruk Bruk, Beerik, Carapook & Muntham.

Carapook By The McPherson Creek

Edward HENTY & "Muntham" Pastoral Run

'Early Days at Carapook' - Jean Murray

Settlers at Beerik, Bruk Bruk, Carapook & Muntham

1865 Land Leases at Beerik, Bruk Bruk & Carapook

"Muntham" Pastoral Run (1837)
Bruk Bruk Landholders
Carapook Landholders
Ratepayers (1875)
Drowning Tragedy (1870)
School Petition (1875)
Fire at Carapook (1900)
Fire at Carapook (1919)
Community Hall
Cricket Teams (1930s)
Football Team (1921)
HART, James
JELBART (storekeeper)
LEY, Donald Alexander
MALLETT, James (1845)
McDONALD, Major Norman
O'BREE, Henry (1860s)
PENROSE "Rosedale"
POVEY, Thomas & Rachel
Area Map ca 1990
Presbyterian Church
School Football 1950
School Pupils 1940
School Pupils 1957
SS Carapook & Bruk Bruk
SS 2112 Muntham
SS 2112 Muntham Picnic 1914
SS 4668 Wando Heights
Soldier Settlement
WW1/2 Honour Rolls
WW2 Ambulance
WW1 Muntham Hon. Roll
WW2 Muntham Hon. Roll

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