In 1840 Dunrobin was a huge sheep run of 153,600 acres on the Glenelg River. In 1912 when it was purchased by the government for Closer Settlement, its size had dwindled to about 19,000 acres which were sub-divided into 64 allotments, creating an immediate need for a school. Children were taught in the woolshed of Dunrobin Station until a school was built in 1913. The original building sited on the crest of Lanes Hill, 5 miles N of Casterton still forms part of the school though a new infant room and a residence were added in 1959. C. APPLETON, the first HT, enrolled 21 children; and settlers on the estate - J. MURPHY (Chairman), J. HART (Correspondent), H. MUNRO, H. HAYWOOD, A. REES, C. LEY and W. BAXTER - were the members of the first committee. A plantation was started in 1947-8 when 2 acres of pines were planted on the site of the closed Corndale school. James McMILLAN, Secretary-Organiser of the Gould League in Victoria, attended Dunrobin school.

[NOTE - this was John Angus McMILLAN, not James McMILLAN]

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.

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Names linked to this photograph from a scrap of paper (looking for feedback)
Back Row (left-right)
1. Hector McMILLAN, 2. Tom FELLOWS?, 3. Miss Aldythe Annie Frances SPURRELL, 4. Jean McMILLAN, 5. Louisa BRENS, 6. ___?____, 7. Mary GRAVESTOCK, 8. ___ HOWLETT, 9. ___ LOWE, 10. ___ HOWLETT.
Middle Row (left-right)
1. Tom FELLOWS?, 2. Dolly REECE, 3. Phyllis BLACK, 4. Clara LOWE, 5. Irene McMILLAN?, 6. ____?___, 7. ___ BLACK, 8. ____?___, 9. Kissie REEVES, 10. Ivy GRAVESTOCK.
Front Row (left-right)
1. Arthur BLACK, 2. Colin McMILLAN?, 3. Albert CRAIG, 4. Llewellwyn HORTLE, 5. Bathurst CRAIG, 6. Bill HAYWARD, 7. Percy FELLOWS.

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Teacher - Miss Aldythe Annie Frances SPURRELL (1896-1958).

Back Row (left-right)
Teacher : Mr Alan ATTWOOD.
1. Carmel Crossley, 2. Susan Kerr, 3. Kathryn Foster, 4. Beverley Sawyer, 5. Kerry Crossley, 6. Judith Bateman, 7. Leanne Shannon, 8. Annette Shannon.
Middle Row (left-right)
1. Yvette Sawyer, 2. ___?___, 3. Wayne Sawyer, 4. Allan Johnston, 5. Neil Shannon, 6. David Kerr, 7. Barry Kerr, 8. Dorothy Johnston.
Front Row (left-right)
1. Kelvin Bateman, 2. ___?___, 3. David Burns, 4. John Attwood, 5. ___?____.

NOTE : Wendy Johnson (absent); 3 unnamed boys may be MARKS.

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