Situated on part of Crown Allotment 1A Section 5, Parish of Muntham, County of Dundas, Balochile School opened on 1st of July 1913 to serve the children of settlers on the Konongwootong South Estate which had been sub-divided for closer settlement. The building was the original Nareen township school building. The first HT was Elizabeth HANLON. In 1943 the school was closed and the building was shifted in 1945 to form part of Balmoral Consolidated School.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.

Application for a school on KONONGWOOTONG ESTATE 13.6.1912.

Names of children who would attend, Date of birth, Distance from proposed school, Distance from nearest existing school.
Proposed site: Government Reserve on Coleraine to Harrow Road in Konongwootong South Estate. "The proposed school would be situated in the Parish of Konongwootong in the Coleraine Riding of the Shire of Wannon."

Petition from the parents of BALOCHILE RD SS NO 3789 (Konongwootong South)

Konongwootong South is 6 miles from Coleraine and was divided up for Closer Settlement in 1911.

In 1915 Miss Elizabeth Hanlon was transferred from this school. Her sister Mary had lived with her in the teacher's residence and helped out in the school. There was also a third sister Annie who sometimes stayed with her too. The parents of Konong Sth obviously had a great affection for Mary and petitioned the Department to allow her to take over from her sister in the new year. They say of her: "Her learning and ability and tact with the children has specially come under our notice with the result that the children have responded with respect and attention to her teaching and have learned well, also the children love her and she loves them."

High praise indeed! Unfortunately the Department replied that it had no power to appoint Miss Mary Hanlon. "The Public Service Act prescribes that the senior qualified applicant shall be appointed." Here are the names on the petition:



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