Coleraine is a township on Bryan's Creek, between Casterton and Hamilton in South-Western Victoria, Australia.
Local Pages:
Book: "The Fields of Coleraine"
Church: Holy Trinity (Anglican), Coleraine
Rev. Cusack RUSSELL "Parsonage on the Wannon"
Church: St Andrew's (Presbyterian), Coleraine
John "Irish Johnny" CRAIG
Obituary: Mrs John BLAY (Elizabeth FOGARTY)
Pastoral Runs 1837+ (Map)
WW1 Soldiers, Coleraine (1916)
WW1 Soldier Settlement: "Hilgay" Estate (1922)

External Links:
1840: "Fighting Hills Massacre"
"The Points" Arboretum, Coleraine
Coleraine Primary School
Coleraine Soldiers Memorial
Louis Buvelot "Waterpool near Coleraine"
Helena Rubinstein (New Book)

Local Schools:
Bil-Bil-Wyt SS No 1936
Brit Brit SS No 1332
Coleraine SS No 2118
Coojar SS No 4622

Local Schools: (cont.)
Gringegalgona SS No 4349
Gritjurk SS No 1041
Gritjurk South SS No 3326
Hilgay SS No 4281
Konongwootong SS No 1338
Konongwootong SS No 3769
Balochile or Konongwootong South SS No 3789
Konongwootong North SS No 4362
Melville Forest SS No 4415
Muntham SS No 2112
Salt Pans SS No 1041
Tarrayoukyan SS No 1688
Wootong Vale SS No 4478

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