Common School No 63 Branxholme opened on 1st of June 1857, closed 30th November 1877. Henry T. MORSE was HT from 1st of June 1857 to 30th of September 1858, and Josiah REMFREY who followed him then became the first HT of SS1978 Branxholme when that school opened on 1st of December 1877. He was the son of Josiah REMFREY, once HT at Bridgewater and later at Heywood. a Church of England School was once built at Branxholme about 1856 when a building grant of 140 7s was made towards the cost. In 1857 the school was reclassified as National, the grant being 20 17s 2d. The attendance was below 20. The school was examined by the DI in 1863 but not in 1864 because of serious illness in the district. In 1870 the attendance was 73. Thirty-five were examined, the average mark being 51%. Fees were 65 13s 6d. The original school built in 1857, was of locally produced timber. The main part of the present building was built in 1877 of locally hand-made bricks. In 1956 the LTC classroom and office were commenced. The Chrome Estate was moved to Branxholme after it closed.

The following are among the notable ex-pupils of Branxholme:
Dr. Mon. SILBERBERG, Professor Harold DEW of Sydney University. Pat O'CONNOR, architect who planned Alice Springs, Stan REID, a Collins St surgeon. Sir Arhur DEAN, Chancellor of Melbourne University and Gordon FLETCHER, Commissioner of Railways.

Among the teachers at Branxholme were:
Chas. OPPIE (1905-10). Howard DARE (1912-13), W.H. GUNNING (1918-22), ___ DUNSTAN (1926), Geo, MADDOCKS (1927-33), B.J. BLANCHEN (1938-47), G. O'LOUGHLAN (1955-58), L. McDONNELL (1959-61), L. BUNWORTH (1962-64) and R. CLARKE (1965-68).

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.