The school at Chetwynd Township opened on 25th of February 1886 with HT John P. WATSON and 23 children. The school was conducted in a leased building rented by the Department from George BILSTON of Chetwynd. For a time the school was known as Chetwynd East. Because of the low roof without a ceiling and the insufficient space the building proved very inadequate, so, in 1886, a portable school was erected by the Department on a hill site of 1 acre on Allotments 6 and 7 of Section 5 in Chetwynd Township. This building, which remained in use for over seventy years, was wooden, measured 22ftx14ft and could accomodate 30 children. A two-roomed residence was attached. Until 1906 the unfenced site served as a camp for stray stock which caused considerable damage to tanks in their attempts to get water. A residence completed in 1908 was occupied by HT D. BLACK. A former HT F.W. KEMP paid the supreme sacrifice in the first World War. A plantation of cypress pines and a tennis court were among a great number of improvements provided by parents and supporters after 1914. In 1955 the building from Hilgay was transferred to the site, but proved to be so unsatisfactory as a replacement for the original building, now dilapidated, that a new building was erected and opened in 1957. For years the enrolment varied between 20 and 30 pupils but in the late 1960s numbers were barely sufficient to keep the school open.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.

Chetwynd Honour Roll

Chetwynd School Enrolments 1905-1935