Glenorchy Estate SS 4351

3 miles East of Merino, Victoria, Australia

The school was situated about 3 miles E of Merino in the SE corner formed by the junction of Merino-Grassdale Rd and Digby-Glenorchy Rd. Sub-division of Glenorchy and Glenlivet estates for soldier settlement in 1921 established thirty-eight farms and the settlers pressed for a local school. A vacant house served for Glenorchy Estate's first weatherboard classroom opened in 1925 with Miss MORLEY as HT for some 20 children. HT Roy WREN brought his pupils to SS2115 Merino on 9th of November 1949, the first small school to join the group which later became Merino Consolidated School. In 1950 the building was brought to Merino where it served as a classroom for some years but, in 1956, was divided to provide staff room and Principal's Office. In 1966, Glenorchy Estate was re-fenced, many trees removed and a pine plantation established by Merino Consolidated School.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.