The school was originally situated S of the Wannon River, E of the Merino-Coleraine Rd. Trees planted by early scholars mark the site. The weatherboard building contained a two roomed residence and schoolroom. The school operated half-time with Brit Brit and had an attendance of about 20. In 1904 when attendance fell below 12, the school closed, some pupils then travelled 5 miles to Tahara. The building was moved to Hamilton to serve as a classroom. In 1913 the second Tahara Bridge School was opened. It was situtaed W of the Merino-Coleraine Rd about 1 mile from the Wannon River Bridge on land now belonging to S. TEMPLETON. It was a weatherboard building with one room. Trees planted in 1913 still mark the site. The first HT was Miss. B. DANDCOCKS. The Committee at its inaugural meeting on 12th of June 1913 elected BARTON President, and E. TEMPLETON Correspondent. This Committee applied itself to the task of remedying the 'inadequacy of the School furnishings and the general austerity of the building'. The school closed when enrolment fell to 9 in November 1945. The last HT was Mrs. McGREGOR. In 1948 the land was sold and the school renoved to Dartmoor. The area has been served by 'Paschendale' bus from Merino Consolidated School since 30th of May 1952.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.