The original school was near the creek in Tinker's Paddock now owned by FERRIER. In response to a shift in population it was moved to Tahara township, about 8 miles E of Merino, and sited on the SE corner of the recreation reserve. The first HT of the original site was Miss MOSSMAN, and on the later site, Miss WADMORE. The school was a weatherboard building originally 24ftx15ft, but later enlarged by means of a skillion of 24ftx27ft. In 1892 21 children attended. In 1904 the NE increased by the closure of Tahara Bridge some 5 miles away. In April 1944 the Committee gave its support to a movement initiated by Merino Branch of APPU for establishment of a Consolidated School in the district. The Tahara children have travelled to Merino Consolidated School on Tahara bus since 23rd November 1949. The last teacher at Tahara was L. STONE, who moved to Merino with his pupils. The building was moved to the Merino Consolidated School where it serves as a woodwork room. The school site, with its memorial grave in honour of fallen soldiers of the district, has again become part of the recreation reserve.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.