Brimboal & Wando were both opened on 9th of April in 1878. William D. THOMAS was the first HT. The two schools worked part-time from the opening date until 11th of May 1884, when Brimboal closed. It re-opened part-time with Wando on 9th of October 1885, became full-time on 3rd of May 1889, but closed on 21st of August 1891. School was first carried on in a leased building but in 1878 a portable wooden school room, large enough for 30 children, with a two room attached residence, was opened. In 1879 the a.a. was 29 (14 boys, 15 girls). One of the first pupils to attend was J.I. CONNELL, who was an infant of three months when he came to the district with parents who pegged a selection at Wando View. Wando became full-time on 3rd of May 1889 and closed on 21st of August 1891. The buildings of the two schools were moved to a new site.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.