Bahgallah is the district surrounded by the Glenelg River, Dartmoor Rd and Penola Rd. Until 1872 some district children travelled to denominational schools in Tasmania while others attended one of the three Casterton schools - one common school and two private schools. But many children had no schooling. In 1872 a local Committee - Edward RANDER, Isreal GRINHAM, John DWYER, Fred MERCHANT, Thomas RYAN - petitioned for a school to be built on a site of 5 acres - Allotment 49, Parish of Bahgallah, County of Follet. DI Brodribb supported the proposal so that, in 1875, with some 20 children requiring education, a school was opened by HT Thomas C. EVANS. The wooden schoolroom with attached quarters of three rooms and a pantry, measured 30ftx18ft and cost 522, local people contributing 50. Since 1875 the residence has been modernised and enlarged. By the end of 1875, 55 children had enrolled from the following families: RYAN, CORNELL, LEWIS, LEAHANE, CACILY, DAY, GRINHAM, PEZILY, MURPHY, GLEED, HAPPESON, McINTYRE, McLEAN. The majority of the children's parents were farmers but there was one inn keeper and two labourers. Thirty-five teachers have taught more than 800 children in the school from 1875 until the present time.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.

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