The following plan provides a record of the 1882 occupation of the commercial sector of the township of Casterton, on the Glenelg River in south-west Victoria, Australia. The main bridge over the Glenelg River at the bottom of Henty Street is on the left of the plan below.

Looking for any stories about the businesses or individals named on this 1882 plan. This information will be linked to the names as shown in a few cases at this time.

Casterton Commercial Sector 1882

The Casterton Commercial Sector 1882


  1. Glenelg Inn (James GRAY, Publican)
    J F CUSSEN (Printer) Office
  2. A & C SPRIGGS (Storekeepers) Old shop, House
  3. Henry C JAMES (Bookseller) Shop
  4. John ROWAN (Storekeeper) Store, House
  5. Unknown
  6. Thomas CAWKER (Liveryman) House
  7. Thomas CAWKER (Liveryman) House
    Alfred BUTLER (Solicitor) Office
  8. Elijah HANDLEY (Storeman) House
    John STEWART (Blacksmith) Blacksmith Shop
  9. Vacant
  10. A & C SPRIGGS (Storekeepers) Store, House
    Charles ALLEN (Watchmaker) Shop


  1. John ILLINGWORTH (Coachbuilder) Factory
    James HUGHES (Groom) House
    George TURNER (Tailor) Shop, House
  2. Michael BURKE, Robert JEFFREYS (Saddlers) Shop
    William KILLEEN (Carpenter) Workshop
  3. William NEVILL (Tinsmith) Shop, House
  4. Thomas F BLACKBURN (Druggist) Shop, House
  5. John RICHARDSON (Carpenter) Workshop, House
  6. James DUNTON (Bootmaker) Shop
  7. Temperance Boarding House (A C MORRISON, Owner)
  8. Albion Hotel (George GRANT, Publican)
  9. Post and Telegraph Offices; Courthouse
  10. Morris EDWARDS (Groom) House
    Mary Anne THOMPSON (Victualler) House

Henty St Casterton ca1900
View of Henty Street Casterton (looking west), ca 1900. Grants Albion Hotel is the first large building on the left. Photograph is taken from the north side of Henty Street (Section 1) on the above plan.


  1. Police Barracks and stables "The Logs", land
  2. Police Barracks and stables "The Logs", land
  3. Edward C. CURTIS (Gentleman) Land
    Bank of Victoria (F. R. SHAW, Manager)
  4. Edward C. CURTIS (Gentleman) Land
    Bank of Victoria (F. R. SHAW, Manager)
  5. Mechanics Institute
  6. A. T. ANDERSON (Auctioneer and Stockagent) Shop
    Fred D'AMARAL (Agent) Office
  7. E. B. DANCOCKS (Overseer) Land, House
  8. Henry DAVIS (Auctioneer) Auctionrooms and House
  9. Simon RAPKIN (Storekeeper) Store, House
    Casterton Hotel (Daniel CROUCH, Publican)
  10. Simon RAPKIN (Storekeeper) Store, House
    Casterton Hotel (Daniel CROUCH, Publican)


  1. Colonial Bank (Joseph BECKETT, Manager)
    Henry CARRICK (Shoemaker, fishmonger) Shop
  2. John TYTHERLEIGH (Blacksmith) Premises
    James GRANT (Blacksmith) House
  3. Thomas JEFFREYS (Storekeeper) Shop, House
  4. James KILBY (Butcher) Shop
  5. Perserverance Store (John PEACHEY)
  6. E. J. GILDING (Carpenter) House, Workshop
  7. Eliza KILLEEN (Shoe dealer) Shop, House
  8. W. G. BLACK (Carpenter) House, Workshop
  9. Peter CLARKE (Labourer) House
    Mary DEARSLEY (Charwoman) House
  10. James Peden (Storekeeper) Store
    Fanny DYER (Nurse) House


  1. Michael Joseph KENT (Contractor) House
  2. Travellers Rest Inn (William PARAMOR, Publican)
  3. Kenneth McKENZIE (Shepherd) House
  4. George SMITH (Butcher) Shop, House


  1. National Bank (John HERON) Manager
  2. Malcolm CAMPBELL (Carpenter) Workshop
  3. Samuel HARRIS (Storekeeper) Shop, House
  4. Israel GRINHAM (Butcher, Baker) Shop, House

NOTE: Due to inaccuracies in primary records several of the above facts could be slightly inaccurate