A Church of England School situated in Church St, Coleraine opened in 1855. After 1857 it became a National School, and later Common School No 135. In 1878 this school was replaced by a building on a new site in Henty St, SS2118. J. McDONALD who had been in charge of the two previous schools continued as HT of 2118 until his retirement in 1885. A. LESSER was Chairman of the Board of Advice. In the year of establishment attendance varied from 75 to 100 pupils. Classrooms were added in 1902 and 1924 and central classes established in 1918. A new five classroom building in Church St was opened by Sir John HARRIS, Minister of Public Instruction, in 1940 when D. BARTHOLOMEW was HT. Between 1956 and 1965 a new wing of four classrooms was added. In 1957 central classes were discontinued. Three hundred pupils were enrolled in 1970.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.