Casterton is a rural township on the Glenelg River in South-West Victoria, Australia. This is a local history website dedicated to the Casterton area and contributions of articles, family information or links are most welcome.

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Casterton, Cumbria, England
1891 Women's Suffrage Petition
Bahgallah School Records (Peter Annett)
Cemeteries of S-W Victoria
Casterton Primary School
Casterton Secondary College
Edenhope College
Glenelg Shire Council
Gorman's Real Estate Agency
Local pages..
1847 Flood of 1847
1882 Commercial Sector Plan
1891 Women's Suffrage Petition
1915 Toorak Hill in 1915
1920s Bahgallah Football Team
1921 Dunrobin Football
Bahgallah WW1 Honour Roll
Bridge Inn Hotel
Casterton Cemetery (NEW) Burials index
Casterton Cemetery (OLD)
Casterton Old Cemetery Photo Gallery
"Casterton News"
Casterton Hunt Club
Casterton Old Images
Casterton Presbyterian Church
Casterton Power Station
Casterton Branch Red Cross Society
Casterton Streetscapes
Chetwynd WW1 & WW2 Honour Rolls
Cordial Factory (JEFFREYS)
Corndale Fox Hunt
Corndale WW1 Honour Roll
Dergholm WW1 Honour Roll
Dergholm WW2 Honour Roll
Dunrobin School 1921-24
Floods & Fires
Glenelg Councillors 1863-1963
Kelpie Sheepdog History Links
Langkoop Soldier Settlers WW1
Nangeela Soldier Settlers WW1
Nareen & Tarrayoukyan
Pastoral Runs & Owners
War Memorial (WW1 deaths)
War Veterans (Crimea & Boer)
1848 Map
1885 Map
Pastoral Runs
Regional Articles & Maps
Local schools..
SS 1586 Bahgallah
Bahgallah School Records (Ext)
SS 2058 Casterton
Casterton High School
SS 2738 Chetwynd
SS 2975 Chetwynd East
SS 1777 Chetwynd Junction
SS 2716 Corndale
SS 1729 Dergholm
SS 3777 Dunrobin
SS 1893 Koolomert
SS 1786 Lake Mundi
SS 2633 Meereek / Langkoop
SS 3037 & SS4474 Nangeela
SS 2978 Poolaijelo
SS 2217 Power's Creek
SS 1730 Roseneath
SS 1871 Tallangower
SS 2604 Tullich
SS 2273 Wytwarrone
Carapook Area
Coleraine Area
Dartmoor Area
Digby Area
Hotspur Area
Merino Area
Sandford Area
Strathdownie Area
Wando Vale Area

Book : "Echoes of the Past"
Book : "Gleanings 1 & 2"
Book : "Graphic Glenelg Shire"