"Our Gift in Men"

Coleraine's District Offering

Extract from "Coleraine Albion", 17 July 1916

For the purpose of presenting as complete a roll as possible of the brave patriots who have volunteered for active service from this district, we give below a list of their names. It will be understood that in some cases there may be reasonable doubt as to whether a person named is a district identity or not. Men there were in only temporary residence who offered their services from this quarter, whilst others essentially belonging to this district enlisted in places more or less distant because they happened to be there at the time. Both classes are included in the subjoined list.

It is not to be taken for granted that this array of names is complete. Were all enlisters passed through a local register it would be a simple matter to obtain a copy of their names, but some took to active service through other localities, hence it will not be surprising if a few names are unknowingly omitted. Should such be the case we shall be gladly willing to mention them in a succeeding issue.

Apparently we are near the end of voluntary enlistment. If more men are to be raised they will be available through conscription, and in that case they cannot be classed with the brave "boys" whose names are appended in what will be an imperishable honor list.


Baker, John; Barton, HEG; Campbell, CJ; Cordner, Allan; Connor J Leslie; Carter, S; Hallahan, Reeves; Kane, John; Montgomery, HR; McAnally, CN; Nicklen, Ernest; Rigby, Hubert; Richardson, Alf; Smith, EL; Shearsmith, Ernest; Sheehan, Albert; Stewart, Bryant; Wellner, -; Woodcock, -; Watson, Sister (Nurse).


Fitzgerald, JJ; Rogers, H; Richardson, CJ; Waters, JK; Younger, Preston.


Anson, A; Almond, James;

Bloomfield, G; Brown, John; Brown Eli C; Brown, RO; Brown, Oswald; Brown, RD; Brown, David; Barrow, Harry; Barrow, F; Bath, Thomas A; Baker, Eric J; Baudinette, Stanley; Baudinette, W; Baudinette, GRA; Beaton, FG; Beaton, AN; Beaton, Percy D; Beaton, AW; Barclay, WC; Benson, Oliver; Benson, LJ; Bones, -; Broughton, KM; Broughton, GE; Berry, -;

Cameron, Gordon; Cameron, WH; Campbell, Donald; Callander, Chas; Caine, RJ; Charman, AR; Cordner, Clem; Corder, H; Crimmins, Edward; Creen, Hubert; Creen, Percy; Creen, Allan; Creek, James N; Cumming, JA; Carter, Gordon; Clark, Frank; Cook, F; Campbell, Alex; Cotter, William; Connell, John; Cutler, Charles; Calder, JH;

Dadson, FH; Doueal, Arthur; Dohle, Alfred; Davis, HR; Davis, John; Dale Percy; Dale, Joseph; Drew, AH;

Elliott, WH; Elliott, G;

Fletcher, John; Fitzgerald, R; Ferguson, K; Fullerton, John; Ferrier, David O; Friend, Percy; Ferrier, B (Nurse); Ferrier, James; Foster, SA; Forrest, John; Fields, N; Futereal, RA;

Green, Percy; Gardiner, CE; Gunning, James; Gunning, Alex; Greenborn, James; Goldberg, Joseph; Gillespie, G; Greenlaw, G;

Hayward, H; Harris, LD; Haylock, JW; Holmes, LW; Humphries, WE; Humphries, H; Hudson, RW; Hutchins, Frank; Hutchins, Stanley; Hutchins, Sydney; Hutcheson, William; Hutcheson, Sydney; Harrip, James; Harrip, Joseph; Heenan, Dan; Hanlon, HD; Heath, SV; Hill, JP;

Ingamells, FH (chaplain); Irvine, H; Irving, R;

Johnson, Roy; Jarret, Walter; James, Ernest; Jeffreys, TH; Kane, John; Kelso, Leslie D; Keeley, PL; Kaine, William;

Kelly, W;

Lambert, Edward; Lampard, -; Laycock, L; Lockwood, -; Lane, Kendrick D; Leslie, Arthur; Lee, Percy John;

Mahoney, MJ; Mahoney, JJ; Montgomery, James; Moodie, Owen; Moodie, Gordon; Molloy, WF; Moore, Gillespie; Mansfield, Alec; Marshall, C; Moylan, -; Moylan, Bert; Mills, William; Milgate JW; Mallett, Jas H; Munro, D; McAnally, George; McCoy, FH; McDonald, Norman; McDonald, Malcolm; McDonald, John R; McLeod, HV; McMahon, James A; McMahon, Percy A; McMahon, Andrew; McPhee, James E; McVeau, John; McRae, Edward; McGugan, Donald; McGregor, Malcolm; McGregor, Donald; McPherson, C;

Nesbitt, Charles; Nicholas, B; Nicholas, G;

O'Brien, Joseph;

Pitcher, WH; Pepper, Alfred; Pepper, William; Pottage, Clifton; Pottage, Harry; Plush, William; Plush, George;

Ross, Rev A; Radley, John; Richardson, William; Richardson, George; Richardson, JH; Rigby, Harold O; Rigby, CR; Roulston, H; Roulston, James; Roper, Arthur S; Roper, Frank; Rowe, Walter G; Riddoch, Alex; Riddoch, James; Robinson, H; Robertson, Gordon; Robertson, Len; Riley, DH; Rooke, S; Roch, LG;

Swift, Gordon; Slater, Joseph; Slattery, WJ; Skinner, JW; Speak, Thomas; Shaw, Archibald; Shaw, Neil; Smith, AJE; Sypott, John; Sypott, George A; Shady, James R; Sheehan, Denis; Shine, John C;

Trangmar, Herbert S; Trangmar, Arthur; Thompson, G; Tooley, Frank L; Turner, JA; Turner, Geo; Taylor, WR; Taylor, Robert; Taylor, Walter J; Trock, W;

Wheeler, Herbert J; Wheeler, John; Wilkins, JW; Wombwell, Trevor; Walton, AJ; Withington, H.


Bickley, AW, Brown, TT, Brown, Richard D, Baugh, CH, Buchanan, JJ, Carter, Russell, Cameron, AD, Douglas, William R, Dolman, Samuel G, de Hennin, James, de Hennin, William J, Elliott, HC, Ferrier, WS, Greed, George, Hardy, H, Harrison, E, Hill, A, Ingram, C, Johnson, -, Kirby, EO, Moore, Alex, McLaughlin, J, McCaskill, WA, Mallett -, McMahon, Theo, McCorkindale, DGL, Murtagh, CL, Neesen, James, Plumbe, AJ, Rogers, J, Ross, JA, Radley, George, Skinner, Ray, Speak, James, Spong, John J.

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