The present building was erected in 1873; No 971 is clearly cut in a stone plaque over the door. The single room schoolhouse was built of rough-hewn limestone quarried from nearby paddocks. The original shingles still remain under the corrugated iron roof. Owen JONES, a Welshman built the school with help of neighbouring farmers. A residence was provided, but in the early 1930s it was removed to Dartmoor. In 1903 the school worked part-time with 2653 Glenaulin. Pupils are proud of the portrait of Sir John MONASH won in 1935 for the best kept gardens and school grounds in the inspectorate. The first HT was DUNBAR whose wife walked more than 8 miles daily to Dartmoor to teach. Two notable persons who attended the school are the Rev Graham BUCKNALL, a Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Vitoria, and J.L. HOLMES, and Inspector of Schools.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.