Hotspur Common School No 310

Hotspur State School No 1260

Hotspur State School Pupils ca 1900

Hotspur State School Pupils in 1910

Back Row: (left > right)
Peg McDonald, Ali Blackwood, Flora King, Lila Moore, Angus McDonald, Arthur Blackwood, Jane Outtram, Ted Jeffries, Clem Blackwood, Sybil Hiscock.

Middle Row: (left > right)
Bill Hiscock, Hilda King, Florie Blackwood, Stan Moore, Pearl Blackwood, Jim Hiscock, Ray Hiscock, Russell King, Tim Outtram.

Front Row: (left > right)
Francis Rowland, Ada Jeffries, Vida Rowland, Edna Rowland.

John Francis ROWLAND (not in photo), married to Eliza PENROSE and father of the 3 Rowland children above.