Only the walls, in a ruinous state, remain of the original Dergholm School. It was in this cement and stone building that W.R. THOMPSON formerly of Boroite, taught the first Dergholm schoolchildren in 1876. The roughly constructed building had no ceiling, an earthen hearth and, in later years, a badly leaking roof. It was, however, in this building that the great grand-parents of several of the present residents did their schooling. Fortunately, in 1926, a new school was erected on the present site. This was occupied by staff and students through the time by of ten women teachers and twelve men. The longest concurrent stay was that of Miss BOWKER from 1929-34. During the 1960s an influx of people to the area brought about an increase in the number of pupils attending. The increase qualified the school for an assistant and in 1964 the new room, of current design, was completed and occupied. This year also holds the record enrolment of 39 and was the year, under the guidance of K. WATSON, that the school won the inspectorate ANA prize. Since its opening in 1876, the school has never been closed. During the year 1904, however, it was part-time with 2978 Poolaijelo, returning to full-time status in 1905. In recent years many major improvements have been undertaken to add to the comfort of pupils. The toilets were fitted to a septic tank, the fences renewed, playing grounds extended and the SEC power will be connected.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.