This school opened as 2359 Strathdownie East on 31st of March 1881 under HT DEMPSTER. After working part-time with 2378 Killara in 1882 the name was changed to Wilkin in 1900. It re-opened part-time with 2239 Strathdownie West in 1914 and was later part-time with 2883 Strathdownie (Werrikoo) before closing on 7th of June 1930. Christine PERRY was HT during the period 1914-30, continuing after her marriage to C. HUMPHRIES. In 1948 the school opened again in a building provided by the parents. Built of limestone on a site once occupied by the local hall, the school measured 18ftx14ft. Miss M. PANTHER, a student teacher from Casterton took charge of 7 pupils enrolled in 1948. In 1949 Miss V. MITCHELL ex-Ballarat Teachers College was appointed. Parents not only planted trees and provided equipment, but in 1952 extended the building to 36ft and added a small stage for concerts. As enrolment fell to 5 in 1958 the school closed until 1962 when it opened for another 5 years before closing for the last time in 1968. Teachers at the school since 1955 include: Graeme ANSON, D. HUTTON, J. MAHONEY, J. BEXLEY, T. BARBY. D. McMORRIS and M. TAYLOR.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.