1842 Sketch Map, south west Victoria

The above map is a sketch taken from the 1848 map (drawn on stone by H. LINGHAM) of South West Victoria from Wando Vale (Robertson) in the North to Portland in the South and the South Australian border in the West to Branxholme (Kent's Inn) in the east, showing Inns, Settlers and main tracks.

[Source : Merino - Digby "Heritage" 1977, copied from an 1842 [sic 1848] map.]

NOTE : A digital image of the original LINGHAM stone map can be found in the State Library of Victoria collection by using the search function on this External Link

EARLY NAME 1842 MAP MODERN NAME Portland Portland Second River Edgar's Inn Heywood Smoky River McDonald's Inn Hotspur Emu Creek Lewis's Inn Digby Paddy's Waterholes Merino Glenelg Crossing McKinley's Inn Casterton Bryan's Creek Crossing Bell's Inn Coleraine Kent's Inn Branxholme Cade's [sic GAGE] Inn Condah Strathan's [sic STRACHAN] Inn Dartmoor Munro's Inn Lindsay Grange Burn Blastock's Inn Hamilton

Carapook . Casterton . Coleraine . Dartmoor . Digby . Hotspur . Merino & Henty . Sandford . Wando Vale

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