Key to Sandford Township Map (1975)

  1. Butter Factory (demolished)
  2. Common School, 1861-1865 (demolished)
  3. St Mary's Church of England (still used)
  4. NICHOLL's Hall (demolished)
  5. NICHOLL's Store, later Butcher's Shop (now Mrs ADAM's home)
  6. McDONALD's Blacksmith Shop (demolished)
  7. J. LITTLE's Butcher's Shop (now Old Hut on H. LAWFORD's property, 6 Chain Road).
  8. Commercial Hotel
  9. Shop - various occupiers, including, BOND, LOVELL, PEART, Cyril PERRY (demolished)
  10. HOLMES' Flour Mill - later QUINTON's Rabbit Factory (burnt down)
  11. Blacksmith's Shop (demolished)
  12. Shop - JULIAN (demolished)
  13. SOMERVILLE's Butcher's Shop (demolished)
  14. Shop - COX, I.FINLAY, (now Mrs E. BROOKER's home)
  15. Shop - GRINHAM, LAYLEY (demolished)
  16. Sandford Hotel (demolished)
  17. Sandford Fire Station
  18. Blacksmith's Shop - ANDERSON, H. McCALMAN (demolished)
  19. Butcher's Shop - GRINHAM (demolished)
  20. Shop - WHELAN's Store, ANDERSON's Saddlery, ANDERSON's Store; later J. EVANS, H. RODER, C. FRANKLIN (now Mrs O'BRYAN's home),
  21. Council Chambers, 1863-1866, later used as residence (demolished)
  22. GRANT's Caledonian Union Hotel - later Colonial Bank, (now LOGGIN's home)
  23. Railway Station (mostly demolished)
  24. Post Office - later Butcher's Shop (demolished)
  25. Shop - original shop built by Mr. LAYLEY, burnt down. McLENNAN's Shop, then Post Office, later combined P.O. and Store, C. PERRY, R. WIGHT, H. WILKINSON, now D. YUILL
  26. Roman Catholic Church
  27. Presbyterian Church (demolished)
  28. Mechanics' Hall - Old Library at rear
  29. Foresters' Hall, original Rechabite Hall
  30. Sandford State School
  31. Police House and Lock-up (now Mrs O'BRIEN's home)

Book : "Back-to-Sandford, Easter 1975, Celebrating Centenary of Sandford School No. 1654 (1875-1975)".