Sandford School was opened on 1st of November 1875, under HT Richard WILSON (1875-8). However an earlier school had been opened on 25th of January 1861 by the Church of England. Rev. F.C. RUSSELL reported the opening of this school with an attendance of 30, the teacher being John HOLT. This school became Common School No 576. In April 1864 DI VENABLES examined School 576, the HT being Caleb RADFORD (1862-7) son of Dr RADFORD, who had commenced practice in Casterton. In September 1865, Isabella McLENNON was appointed WM and in January 1868, Thomas Owen EVANS was HT and Janet LANE, WM. The school was then situated on a hill S of the present township, locally known as Stories Hill, or Factory Hill.
On 20th of November 1873, DI Brodribb recommended that a brick school be built on a triangular site of 2 acres, Lot 25, Township of Sandford, County of Normanby on the Casterton-Portland Rd. The successful tenderer James Nation and Co., Melbourne, erected for 817, a brick building with an attached residence of three rooms (rent being 15 p.a.). The school opened as SS1654, replacing School 576. The a.a. in 1875 was 56. KOHN and CAMPBELL, Merino, added a room to the residence and fenced the site in 1879. SS Kaladbro was moved and used as an infant room in 1898. Two detached wooden rooms were added to the residence in 1908, and in 1909, another weatherboard classroom permitted 67 children to be accomodated. After the fire of 1963, school continued for a time in the one remaining room until a new classroom was erected. In 1965 a second classroom was added and the old single room purchased and removed locally.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.

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