Talisker SS 4492

3 miles North East of Merino, Victoria, Australia

The school was situated about 3 miles NE of Merino on the Talsker School Rd opposite the present home of G. HISCOCK. Talisker School was first proposed by share dairy farmers when Talisker Estate, part of Francis HENTY's "Merino Downs", was sub-divided for share dairying during the years 1908-27. Children had attended schools at Merino, Paschendale and Tahara West. Land was made available by "Talisker" whose management provided materials and the services of the station carpenter to build the school, aided by senior boys and parents. The school opened on 7th of March 1932 when HT Ann SALAGARI had a NE of 22. The single weatherboard room soon proved too small and in 1934 its size was doubled and a porch added. The school and its grounds served as a lively social centre for dancers, card evenings and sports meetings. In 1948 when the Soldier Settlement Commission purchased most of the Talisker Estate for ex-servicemen from the second World War, the local committee bought school and land for 60. In 1949 enrolment increased by transfer of children from 4017 Paschendale. Mrs Ruby HARRIS was the last teacher at Talisker. On 1st of June 1952 she and her 25 pupils began travelling by bus to Merino Consolidated School. The building was later sold and removed to Digby. The land was sold but many of the trees still mark the old school site. The Committee now controlled considerable funds. By means of loans and donations, considerable help was given to community projects in Merino, including a donation toward the Duncan McINTOSH Assembly Hall at Merino Consolidated School.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.