Hotspur Avenue of Honour (WW1)

Hotspur, Victoria, Australia

Tree Planting Ceremony

2 June 1918

WW1 Campaign Medals
Hotspur, a small settlement on the Smoky or Crawford River in south-west Victoria, along with many small rural settlements in Australia commemorated the involvement of their community members in World War 1 through the planting of an Avenue of Honour and erected an Honour Roll of ex-students from Hotspur State School. The Hotspur Avenue of Honour is a little unusual in that the trees are native Australian Kurrajong trees whereas many avenues were planted with imported trees such as elms or plane trees. There are forty trees in the Hotspur Avenue of Honour and thirty names on the Hotspur School Honour Roll now housed in the Community Hall. The details including soldier names, units, tree planters and other participants has been taken from an original framed certificate headed: "Avenue of Honour, Hotspur 1918" and from the booklet produced to commemorate the original planting of the Avenue of Honour on Wednesday, 2nd June, 1918.

Position of the Trees

Even Numbers, Left Side;
Odd Numbers, Right Side.
Running from North to South.

The Avenue of Honour begins in front of the "Rising Sun Hotel"

TreeSoldier (* Died on Service)UnitTree Planter
1 Fred. E. FIDLER 21st Battalion, 1st AIF Mrs. C. Fidler
2 William J. CAMERON 21st Battalion, 1st AIF Mrs. J. King
3 Chris. W. CARTER * 6th Battalion, 1st AIF Mr. E. C. Hiscock
4 William MUNRO 21st Machine Gun Coy, 1st AIF Mr. F. Fidler
5 John W. GLEESON Army Service Corps, 1st AIF Miss N. Gleeson
6 Fred. DAY 2nd Light Rail Operating Coy, 1st AIF Mr. P. Treloar
7 John J. BLACKWOOD 6th Battalion, 1st AIF Miss P. Blackwood
8 Andrew McDONALD 39th Battalion, 1st AIF Mr. A. McLean
9 John SYPOTT [MM] 39th Battalion, 1st AIF Mr. J. Smith
10 William OUTTRAM * 58th Battalion, 1st AIF Mr. R. McDonald
11 Donald McDONALD 6th Battalion, 1st AIF Mr. J. McDonald
12 Hugh McD. BRINDLEY * 37th Battalion, 1st AIF Mrs. H. Hiscock
13 J. Gordon BRINDLEY 39th Battalion, 1st AIF Mrs. F. Fidler
14 John F. OUTTRAM * 58th Battalion, 1st AIF Mr. B. Parker
15 Leslie TRELOAR * 8th Battalion, 1st AIF Miss H. King
16 Duncan WELLNER 10th Field Artillery, 1st AIF Mr. C. Wellner
17 Duncan SMITH * 4th Light Horse Regt, 1st AIF Mr. C. Smith
18 Henry G. SYPOTT * 38th Battalion, 1st AIF Miss A. Sypott
19 Charles J. SYPOTT 2nd Pioneer Battalion, 1st AIF Miss L. Sypott
20 Albert DAY 37th Battalion, 1st AIF Mr. W. H. King
21 James McP. SMITH * 6th Battalion, 1st AIF Miss. F. Smith
22 Clarence V. WELLNER * 22nd Battalion, 1st AIF Mt. R. Jeffries
23 George W. GLEESON 1st Pioneer Battalion, 1st AIF Mr. F. R. Young
24 L. Edward GLEESON Army Service Corps, 1st AIF. Mrs. F. Young
25 Leo R. GLEESON 29th Battalion, 1st AIF Miss M. Young
26 Hector McDONALD * 38th Battalion, 1st AIF Mrs. J. McDonald
27 William T. BLACKWOOD * 6th Battalion, 1st AIF Mrs. R. Blackwood
28 Guy COULSON 14th Battalion, 5th BGDE., 1st AIF Mrs. J. Coulson
29 William BRINDLEY 1st AIF Miss S. Hiscock and
Master Con. Brindley
30 Percy MEADE 11th Battalion, 1st AIF Miss C. Blackwood
31 Thomas BRINDLEY 37th Battalion, 1st AIF Mrs. R. Jeffries and
Miss A. Jeffries
32 Cecil DAY 2nd Cyclist Battalion, 1st AIF Mr. A. King
33 John H. BRINDLEY * 1st AIF Mr. C. S. Hiscock
34 Albert H. KING * 5th Battalion, 1st AIF Mrs. W. H. King
35 Charles H. MUNRO * New Zealand E.F. Mr. H. Smith
36 Hector McDONALD * 57th Battalion, 1st AIF Miss F. King
37 Thomas H. BROWN 46th Battalion, 1st AIF Mrs Hipworth
38 John McDONALD 10th Field Coy Engineers, 1st AIF Mr. A. Moore
39 Angus A. McDONALD 8th Battery, Aust Field Artillery, 1st AIF Mr. A. McDonald
40 George R. MOORE 2nd Brigade, Aust Field Artillery, 1st AIF Mrs. A. Moore

The Call

SHORTLY after hostilities had commenced in Europe, and the cry of the Motherland came ringing across the seas, many of the lads of Hotspur and district responded to the call, and left their native town and shores, prepared and keen to do "their bit", whatever the cost.

Strangers to war and its horrors, yet as lovers of freedom and liberty, they have blazoned their name on history's page, in deeds that will outlive time.

Of many have been demanded the gifts they offered - their lives - their all.

Of these, we can only say, "the glory dies not, and the pain is past," and give ear to their final message :

"Take up our quarrel with the foe,
To you, from falling hands we throw
The torch; Be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die,
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
On Flander's Fields"

The Avenue

OUT of a sense of deep gratitude towards those brave men and patriots, who have suffered their all, that our names may live through time in our country's story, the local people have decided, that no more fitting memorial could be raised than an avenue of Australian trees - living monuments to the memory of the great sacrifices made by our gallant soldiers in this Great War.

The planting took place on Wednesday, 2nd June, 1918, in the presence of a large number of relatives and friends of the absent lads.

At 2 o'clock p.m., Mr. A. Moore, Chairman of the Avenue Committee, welcomed the visitors, and the National Anthem was sung.

Cr. S. H. Malseed spoke a few words of appreciation in regard to our soldiers, and the planting ceremony commenced.

At its conclusion, all present adjourned to the school-room, where suitable addresses were given by Cr. S. H. Malseed, Mr. Percy Malseed, Ex-Signaller J. R. McPherson, Cpl. J. Hipworth, and patriotic choruses and recitations were rendered.

Later, a sumptuous dinner was served in the Mechanics Hall, by the local ladies.

The Australian

The bugles of the Motherland,
Rang ceaselessly across the sea,
To call him and his lean, brown band,
To shape Imperial destiny ;
He went, by youth's grave purpose willed,
The goal unknown, the cost unweighed,
The promise of his blood fulfilled-
"The bravest thing God ever made !"

W. H. Ogilvie.

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