Killara opened on 24th of March 1881, the first HT being John REED. Born 1856, he was in charge of Killara from 24th of March 1881 to 31st of August 1881 when he resigned. The children occupied a portable wooden schoolroom built to accomodate 30, at a cost of approximately 107. From September 1881 to July 1882 Killara worked part-time with Strathdownie East. Samuel H. McDONALD was HT of both. The combined a.a. for 1881 was 22 (10 boys, 12 girls). The school was put on a full-time basis until 1st of July 1885 when it operated half-time with Strathdownie West, with Charles RANKIN as HT. The combined a.a. was 25 in 1885 (13 boys, 12 girls). This arrangement lasted until 16th of July 1889 when Killara again became full-time. Its a.a. for 1889 was 7 (5 boys, 2 girls) and for 1890 was 9 (6 boys, 3 girls). Killara closed on 5th of July 1901. The school was re-established by Ministerial Order dated 20th of December 1965. In this year the building from 3408 Breakaway Creek was purchased by the Committee from the Department for the sum of 1 and transported to its present site of 1 acres. The flagpole was donated by by Vera NEWTON an ex-pupil of 3408 Breakaway Creek. The school re-opened in February 1966 with an enrolment of 11 children under Mr. G. COXALL as HT. The school Committee at that time was made up of Messrs. L.J. BAULCH, J.M. PUNTON, C.I.D. GRIEG, J. BALKIN, F.E. SCHRAM, K. HUMPHRIES, H. TRAVERS and E. JARROD. The 1968 Committee included the first five on the preceeding list plus Mesdames M.B. PUNTON, J.M. GRIEG and N. SHARAM. HT in 1967 was Mr. B. BLACKETT followed in 1968 by A. PENNY.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.