The school was opened by HT Kate A. LYTTLETON on 2nd of July 1881 in response to a petition orgainised by Peter IVERACH. Situated on S.J. CUTTIN's selection, S of the Crawford River. The first school measured 24ftx12ft and was built of roughly sawn timber - even the chimney. In its opening year Lower Crawford had an enrolment of 26 (14 boys, 12 girls) and an a.a. of 19 (10boys, 9 girls). In September 1884 a portable classroom with two-room attached quarters was erected on a 5 acre site on the S boundary of the 640 acre Lower Crawford Premptive Right. All school property from the original building was transferred to it. Attendance fluctuated in the 1890's forcing the school to close in 1896, to re-open in 1903 part-time with 3254 Lyons, and to close again in 1906. In 1913 the living quarters were leased to L. WATTS but shortly after the whole building burnt down, due to a faulty chimney.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.

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