1876 : School opened
This school opened in the Casterton area on 2nd of June 1876. The Department had supplied a school-house 'of brick or stone' to accomodate 40 pupils; the room measured 24ftx15ft. Attached to the building was a two-roomed residence of the same material. In 1876, the a.a. was 20 pupils (13 boys, 7 girls). The first HT Annie MOSSMAN held the post from 2nd of June 1876 to 17th of October 1877. The school closed on 3rd of July 1896, and re-opened on 26th of July 1899, finally closing on 23rd of March 1916.
Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.
Roseneath School Roseneath School?
Photograph by Michael Dean of the ruins on Foster's Road, Roseneath.
This appears to be the ruins of the old Roseneath School mentioned above.

1894 : Miss Jessie REID appointed

Miss Jessie Reid has been appointed to the Roseneath State school, and Miss Helen Smith to the Dartmoor North school.
Source : "The Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Wednesday, 28th February 1894.

1915 : Concert & Dance advertised

Concert and Dance in THE Roseneath State School, ON Wednesday, May 26th, In aid of the Local Red Cross Fund. Admission (Concert and Dance)--Adults 2s; Children Half Price. Refreshments Provided. Moonlight.

Source : "The Casterton News" (Vic.) Monday, 24th May 1915.