The school was first proposed in December 1865 by the Rev. James McROBERTS of the Presbyterian Church, Branxholme, when he sought aid to build a common school, but a private school conducted by LOVE had been in operation before this. DI VENABLES recommended aid, which was granted on 1st of July 1868, when HT Horatio N. REMFRY (1st of July 1868 to 23rd of August 1876) opened SS855 Byaduk with 25 pupils representing Classes 1-6 in the leased Wesleyan Chapel situated in the NW corner of Section 22 on the Hamilton-Belfast Rd. In August 1870, a single bluestone classroom measuring 36ftx20ft with a porth 8ftx8ft, was completed on a site of 2 acres, being allotment 6 of Section XIX Parish of Byaduk. A further 1 acre 26 perches, being subdivision 30A, was added in 1874. In 1875 a 4 room wooden residence with a shingle roof was built by contractor KINGHORN, and in 1906 the Department erected one additional room. In 1912 the existing schoolroom was renovated, and in 1955 this bluestone building was condemned and replaced with a wooden building measuring 30ftx17ft with a porch 10ftx8ft which was transported from Ararat and placed on the existing site. The residence built in 1875 was replaced with a 5 room wooden residence in 1956. In November 1968, a new classroom measuring 24ftx18ft, was completed. The first members of the Committee formed in 1911 were John CHRISTIE, James FRASER, James HARMAN, Thomas POWER, John CARIMON, William HART, John O'HAGAN, I. BLAMIRES and J. FALKENBERG (Secretary). James McCASKILL was appointed HT in 1944 and retired after 22 years of service.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.