This school also known as Werrikoo opened on 4th of May 1889 with Francis J. FITZPATRICK as first HT until 1892 and an a.a. of 19, enrolment being 30. School opened in a leased building on what is now known as Old School Rd, 2 miles E of the present school, Parish of Werrikoo, 20 miles from Casterton. In 1889 it functioned part-time with Strathdownie West and later part-time with Wilkin. The present school was erected on its own site in 1948 on the property of Henry HARVEY who purchased the single weatherboard classroom from Wurt Wurt Koort. The first HT in this building was Mr NIELD with 15 pupils. A second classroom, brought from Vasey was added in 1954. The school residence was erected in the school reserve beside the school in 1957.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.