This school opened in a leased building on 1st of January 1880. Alice DEVLIN was HT, 1880-82. The enrolment in 1880 was 19 with an a.a. of 8. After a site had been gazetted 1879-80 a portable schoolhouse (having accomodation for 30, plus two-room quarters attached) was built during 1883-4. In the early years 2239 worked part-time with 2378 Killara (1885-89). Charles RANKIN was HT of both schools. The combined average in 1885 was 25 (13 boys, 12 girls). Later it operated part-time with 2397 Ardno and at the turn of the century with 2883 Werrikoo - now known as Strathdownie. In 1913 Strathdownie West worked with 2974 Ardno West and in 1914 with 2359 Wilkin.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.