The school was situated on School Lane, on a hill commonly called School Hill, approximately 7 miles N of Merino. Wurt Wurt Koort was part of the original "Merino Downs" Estate, and the school was within 4 miles of Francis HENTY's original homestead. In 1908 Francis HENTY's 3 daughters agreed to sub-divide the "Merino Downs" estate, Mrs HINDSON taking Wurt Wurt Koort. Share farms were established on the holding and a school was required for the dairymen's families. HINDSON provided land and buildings on lease to the Department. The building served not only as a school but as a well-used social center. By 1947 the attendance had fallen to 9, the buildings were in disrepair, the owner was anxious to close the contract and there was a movement to consolidate schools at Merino. So in May 1947, the school closed and moved to Strathdownie. The last HT was Miss F.K. NEWMAN. Since 19th of September 1952, the Henty bus to Merino Consolidated School has passed the site.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.

(PROV VPRS 795/P Unit 2851 School No 3728)

In 1908 the three daughters of Francis Henty agreed to divide Merino Downs into three properties, hence Merino Downs, Talisker and Wurt Wurt Koort. Wurt Wurt Koort was the Henty end of the old estate, and went to the youngest daughter Alice (Mrs John Hindson). Like Muntham, settlement consisted mainly of share farmers and dairying became the main type of farming.)

Children with dates of birth

If anyone wants to pinpoint a residence for these children, parents' distance and direction from Wurt Wurt Koort are given, also their distance and direction from Muntham SS and from Henty SS. And there is a rough sketch of the area with homes marked.

Head Teacher Gwendolyn M Spurrell also reports that John Craig rises at about 5 am and milks 14 cows, while Patrick and John Buschell rise at about 6 am and milk 11 and 8 cows before attending school.

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