The school opened 1880 in a schoolhouse built by a working bee of local men under the supervision of a carpenter. The timber for the job was carted by George BROWN. Because of all the BROWNs who attended, the school was more frequently known locally as 'Browntown'. The school was situated at Gringegalgona in a paddock about 1 miles from the Balmoral Rd. in the Parish of Bil-Bil-Wyt. The school's first HT DRURY, was followed by Miss GILNORE and later Miss HANCOCK. In 1902-3, within 1 years of each other, the five BROWN families moved to Coleraine, causing such a drop in enrolment that the school closed in 1903 and the building was moved to Mooralla shortly afterwards for use as a school there. The building was finally condemned in 1930 and closed.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.