This school, originally called 2397 Ardno, opened in a leased building on 30th of May 1881 under HT Charles RANKIN. The a.a. for the first year was 13 pupils (7 bots, 6 girls). The site was gazetted in September 1882 and the name changed to Kaladbro. During 1883 a portable wooden schoolhouse, with accomodation for 30 pupils, was removed from 1615 Nelson West and re-erected for 2397 Kaladbro. From 1883 to 1884 the school worked half-time with 2239 Strathdownie West. The school closed on 17th of January 1898 and in September of that year was removed to 1654 Sandford to become the infant room.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.