Undated Article (c. 1910, probable source "Casterton News")

On Saturday the Casterton and District fox hounds, at the kind invitation of Messrs SEALEY and HART, journeyed to Corndale to hunt a portion of the Corndale and Dunrobin country. Punctually to the appointed hour of twelve the hounds were thrown off on the property of Mr W. SEALEY. After the covers were drawn, a fox was put up and run to earth after a short run. Then the hunters proceeded to the properties of Messrs W. and C. SEALEY and DANCOCKS in a north-westerly direction. Though the hounds failed to find, yet some nice jumping was seen as the field crossed from different paddocks. As we seemed to be off Reynard's best we wended our way to the residence of Mr and Mrs Con SEALEY where at their kind invitation we enjoyed a splendid luncheon, and our horses, which were not forgotten by our straight riding and genial host, were fed and rested. After the Master had thanked Mr & Mrs and the Misses SEALEY for their kindness as a start was made for the Corndale School by a route taking in some country we had not tried. Nearing the school the hounds gave tongue, and took us at a rattling gallop over a number of fences for about four miles in the direction of the Glenelg River, checking near Mr MURPHY's homestead. Mr and Mrs HART and family, of Dunrobin, entertained us at afternoon tea at their beautiful home. This was the finish of our day's sport. The Master expressed our appreciation of the kindness of our Dunrobin and Corndale host and hostesses, and we made homewards.

Those out were :

The master (D. STOCK) on S.S, W. RHODES on Monivae, W. JOHNSTONE on Boxer, N. SMITH on Starbuck, Mrs N. SMITH on Silvermine, Miss STOCK on N'Qutu, J. STOCK on Bay Tower, D. SEALEY on Big Gun, C. SEALEY on Duchess, D. LEY on Nelanjie, F WIDDICOMBE on Ardoveffe, G. R. PATTERSON on Kadnook, W. SEALEY on Bonnie, C. CAMERON on Cast Iron, J. JOHNSTON on Johnski, M. BROUGHTON on Revanta, R. FITZGERALD on Sally, H. JACKSON on Cobbrand, R. DANCOCKS on Dunrobin, J. JACKSON on Fan Fan, G. HANDLEY on Sandy, C. FOSTER on Corndale.

There was also a numerous and appreciative crowd of road followers.

Article supplied by Jessie Hatch who is researching the following names - SEALEY, GRINHAM, BEST, LEY, BLACK, KERR, MEADOWS, JONES, GROVES, JELBART, COULSON, REID, WILLIAMS, COUSINS, DALGARDNO