On 1st of March 1896 SS3254 Lyons opened in a leased building constructed of bark and timber. On the previous day Lower Crawford school, situated 3 miles N, closed and its HT, Agnes C. KNAPP, transferred to Lyons. Even though the re-siting of the school provided more satisfactorily for the needs of the district children, enrolment fell and the school worked part-time with Glenaulin in 1898. Early in the 1900s Lower Crawford re-opened and worked part-time with Lyons while Glenaulin combined with Drik Drik. By 1906 when John S. HOGGART was HT, attendance fell below 10, so both were closed. G. COLLINS moved to form a building Committee in 1935 which supervised erection of the school on a leased site at the intersection of Lyons Railway Siding Rd and the Princes Highway. T.G. CAHIR was the first HT in the new building, then only a shell 26ftx18ft without a fireplace chimney or porch. Enrolment was 14 representing Grades 3-8. The executive of the Committee were Messrs A.P. CARTER (Chairman), A. BARR (Correspondent) and CLAYTON (Treasurer). Improvements such as a stone chimney, wall linings, a porch and fences were added between 1936-39. In 1958 the building was extended to 30ft to accommodate an enrolment of 34. The Mother's Club (1949) and the Committee have worked persistently to improve the facilities in the school and grounds. In addition to the tree-studded play area, the school had acquired 9 acres of forest land, where flora and fauna are protected and studied. The school is proud of three ex-pupils - D. WETTENALL, K. DAVIS and R. SAUNDERS - who won scholarships to the University.

Source: "Vision & Realisation", Vol 2, Education Department of Victoria.