World War 1 Avenue of Honour

35 trees planted, 28th August, 1918

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  1. The trees have been numbered in the order referred to in the West Wimmera Mail of Friday, September 9th, 1918.
  2. * denotes death linked to WW1 service.
  3. Links have been made where possible from soldiers to family groups, more information required.
Tree Soldier Unit Tree Planted by
01 * GARDNER, Pte John Ray 38th Battalion, AIF Mrs Geo GARDNER
02 * PATCHING, Pte Clarence Francis 21st Battalion, AIF Miss R. A. CARRACHER (on behalf of Mrs P. J. LAVERY)
03 * BRENNAN, Pte Patrick 24th Battalion, AIF Mr W JONES
04 BRENNAN, Cpl John 13th Light Horse, 24th Battalion, AIF Mrs C WONG
05 BRENNAN, Pte Charles 24th Battalion, AIF Mrs C WONG
06 * BIGGIN, Pte John Thomas (Jack) 8th Battalion, AIF Miss Gwen BULL
07 BULL, Trpr Alexander Stanley 8th Light Horse Regiment, AIF Mrs J WATSON
08 CRABTREE, Pte Charles Henry Lock 7th & 38th Battalion, AIF Mrs D CRABTREE
09 CAMERON, Pte William John 21st Battalion Mrs C WONG
10 CRABTREE, Pte Henry Graham 5th Battalion, AIF Mr F CRABTREE
11 CARRACHER, Gnr Eugene Cornelius 36th Heavy Artillery Brigade, AIF Mrs D CARRACHER
12 CARRACHER, Gnr James Deasy 36th Heavy Artillery Brigade, AIF Miss C CARRACHER
13 DOWLING, Pte Peter 59th Battalion, AIF Mr C D BLOCK
14 DOWLING, Pte Timothy 60th Battalion, AIF Mr C D BLOCK
15 * DELANEY, Pte James (Jack) 38th Battalion, AIF Miss D GARDNER
16 DELANEY, Pte Thomas Edward (Tom) 38th Battalion, AIF Mr F SCHUMANN
17 FORSTER, Trpr Frederick John 10th Light Horse Regiment, AIF Mr F FORSTER
18 FORSTER, Pte George Arthur 6th Battalion, AIF Mr F FORSTER
19 GARDNER, Pte W G V 58th Battalion, AIF Miss D GARDNER
20 HINCH, Sgnr Edgar 7th Battalion, AIF Mr F HINCH
21 HAMILTON, Pte Leslie Gibson 22nd Battalion, AIF Mr C SCHUMANN
22 KERR, Air Mec Charles Joseph Australian Flying Corps (AFC) Miss C JONES
23 LEYDEN, Lieut John Maurice 2nd Australian Mechanical Transport Service (AMTS), AIF Mrs J H HARVEY
24 MOODY, Sergt Cuthbert Thomas 6th Army FA Brigade, AIF Miss Glad BLOCK
25 MAJOR, Pte John Thomas Weir AIF ? Mr A C ROBINSON
26 McDONALD, Pte Joseph William Stephen 'Willie' 38th Battalion, AIF Mr F SCHUMANN
27 O'BRIEN, Pte John Thomas 14th Battalion, AIF Mr F HINCH
29 PHILLIPS, Pte Herbert Balderson 7th Battalion, AIF Mr M F MORRIS
31 SCHINCKEL, Pte Harold Bismark 7th Field Ambulance, AIF Miss E SCHINCKEL
32 SCHUMANN, Pte John David [MM] 7th Battalion, AIF Mr F SCHUMANN
33 STEHN, Pte Albert Ernest 24th Battalion, AIF Mrs C W STEHN
35 WILSON, Pte Peter Leslie 39th Battalion, AIF Mr W M JONES

Booroopki Avenue of Honour, West Wimmera, Victoria, Aus
Booroopki Avenue of Honour

Note the buloke tree guards mentioned in West Wimmera Mail reports.

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Looking for any additional information on the Booroopki Avenue of Honour such as...

  • Any corrections or additions to the above names or family links.
  • What happened to the enamel name and unit plaques on the trees?
  • Looking for specific Unit information on each soldier.
  • Can any trees still be linked to a specific soldier?
  • Does a map of the plantings exist?
  • Any photographs of the planting ceremony in 1918 would be appreciated.
Compiled by :
Daryl Crabtree & Daryl Povey