This page provides an increasing list of individuals and family groups with a link to the rural settlement of Casterton and its surrounding area, including Bahgallah, Corndale and Dunrobin, near the junction of the Wannon & Glenelg Rivers in south-western Victoria, Australia.

This area, referred to as "Australia Felix" by surveyor and explorer Major Thomas MITCHELL in 1836, was first settled permanently by the HENTY brothers in 1837 when they moved inland from Portland on the south coast and occupied the pastoral runs of "Connell's Run," "Merino Downs," "Muntham" & "Sandford".

The site for the present township Casterton was surveyed on "Dunrobin" Station in 1848.

Additional names, family groups, corrections, events, stories or images linked to the Casterton area are welcome.

Additional names, corrections, stories, images or events linked to the Casterton area are welcome.

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