James STARK, b. 1834, Dundee, Angus, Scotland, son of David STARK and Helen LOWE, was married in 1856, Glasgow, Scotland to Elizabeth BUCHANAN, b. ........., Scotland, daughter of ........... BUCHANAN and ...............

James & Elizabeth STARK arrived at Portland, S-W Victoria in October 1856 on the "General Hewett" and were at Penola, S-E South Australia from 1857 where a number of children were born. James STARK built the Penola Brewey building in 1867...

Penola Brewery. The owners of the brewery, Messrs. Gebhardt and Seeliger, commenced operations on the 16th September, 1867. They work the establishment with the aid of two men. The average produce is eight hogsheads per week, each brew being three hogsheads. There is a horse and cart kept to carry out the ale. There has not yet been a malthouse erected, but it was commenced a few days ago. The principal business done is at Penola, Narracoorte, and Tarpeena. The boilers and coppers were made at Mount Gambier; the buildings were put up by Mr. James Stark of Penola.
"The South Australian Register" (Adelaide, SA) Thursday, 9th July 1868.

By 1877 James STARK was on a farm at Lake Mundi, not far from Penola, SA, but across the SA-VIC border the border in the direction of Casterton, S-W Victoria...

To stand this season at Lake Mundi, the well-known pony Geordie Rex.
GEORDIE REX is a beautifully marked bay and white pony under eleven hands high, and for bone, muscle, and action cannot be excelled, and of a kind temper that will guarantee him a safe sire for the breeding of children's ponies. Gcordie Rex was bred by Mr. G. Carmichael of the Retreat, whose well known judgment in horse-breeding needs no comment. Terms, 2 each mare ; one allowed in five, Good grass paddocks free, without responsibility. Mares left at McDonald's Royal Oak, Penola, will be carefully attended to. JAMES STARK.
"The Border Watch" (Mount Gambier, SA) Wednesday, 26th September 1877.

Elizabeth STARK (nee BUCHANAN) died in 1875 with the birth of her son John Hamilton STARK. James STARK was recorded as a widower when he remarried at Mount Gambier, South Australia in January 1877, to a widow, Abigail KERR (nee O'CALLAGHAN) ~1839-1922.

James STARK died at his Lake Mundi property in 1917 and was buried at Penola as was his widow Abigail in 1922.

James STARK and Elizabeth BUCHANAN (1st wife) had the following family...

  1. Jane White STARK b. 1857, Penola, S-E South Australia, d. 1921, Penshurst, S-W Victoria, m. Ernest Frederick William RITTMANN 1856-1884.
  2. David STARK b. 1859, Penola, S-E South Australia, d. 1941, Casterton, S-W Vic., m. in 1883 to Sarah Jane PARKER 1859-1929.
  3. Ellen Lowe STARK b. 1861, Penola, S-E South Australia, d. 1933, Melbourne, Vic., m. in 1882 to Thomas EGAN 1862- ?
  4. Ann STARK b. 1863, Penola, S-E South Australia, d. 1915, Coleraine, S-W Vic., m. in 1889 at Lake Mundi, S-W Vic., to Frederick Warren SPEAK 1862-1951.
  5. James STARK b. 1867, Penola, S-E South Australia, d. 1945, Casterton, S-W Vic., m. in 1895 to Rosannah Lillian "Annie" MILLARD 1875-1914.
  6. Alexander Buchanan STARK b. 1869, Penola, S-E South Australia, d. 1938, Melbourne, Vic., m. ~1910, Northern Territory, Aus., to Dorothy Mary Grime PEATE, 1888-1971
  7. Elizabeth Buchanan STARK b. 1871, Penola, S-E South Australia, ..............?
  8. John Hamilton STARK b. 1875, Lake Mundi (Casterton-Penola), S-W Victoria, d. 1937, Casterton, S-W Vic., m. in 1909 to Dinah "Dolly" SHANNON 1879-1965.

James STARK and Abigail O'CALLAGHAN (2nd wife) had the following family...

  1. Eugene William STARK b. 1877, Penola, S-E South Australia, d. 1939, Lake Mundi, S-W Victoria, m. in 1918 to Annie Singer ANDERSON 1883-1973.
  2. Wallace STARK b. 1882, Lake Mundi, S-W Victoria, d. 1938, Casterton, S-W Victoria, m. in 1917 to Mary Torpy CAREY.