Duncan ROBERTSON b. 1799, Alvie parish, Inverness-shire, Scotland son of John ROBERTSON and Mary "May" McBAIN was married in 1833 in Alvie parish, Inverness-shire, Scotland to Ann FRASER b. 1809, Alvie parish, Inverness-shire, Scotland, daughter of ___ FRASER and ___.

John ROBERTSON & May McBAIN had the following family members in Alvie, Inverness-shire, Scotland :-- Angus 1795-1879, Ann ~1796-1898, Duncan 1799-1882, Hugh ~1801-1856, Margaret ~1803-1887, Elizabeth "Elspet" 1804-1866, John 1808-1880, William 1811-1864, James 1815, James 1817-1892 and Mary ......

Duncan ROBERTSON, wife Ann and 3 children emigrated from Scotland and arrived at Sydney, Colony of New South Wales, in 1838 on the ship "Saint George". They remained in NSW for a few years, where another child was born and appear to be on the Wannon River, S-W Victoria, about 1842 where their last child Ann was born.

By 1843 they were at "Struan" station on the Wannon, between the later settlements of Merino and Coleraine, which was already occupied by John and William ROBERTSON, two of Duncan ROBERTSON's younger brothers. John & William moved onto other stations they had established and Duncan ROBERTSON and his family established themselves at "Satimer" station, Wando Vale which Duncan occupied in conjunction with his brother-in-law Alexander DAVIDSON 1801-1874 who was married to Duncan's sister Ann ROBERTSON ~1796-1898. Duncan's older bother Angus ROBERTSON 1795-1879, arrived at "Struan" station on the Wannon in 1852 and took over its management from his younger brothers.

Duncan ROBERTSON purchased at "Gringegalgona" station, north-east of Coleraine in 1856 and remained there until his death in 1882. His wife ann had died at "Satimer" station in 1853.

Duncan ROBERTSON and Ann FRASER had the following known family....

  1. John ROBERTSON, b. 1834, Alvie parish, Inverness-shire, Scotland, d. .......Scotland ?
  2. John ROBERTSON, b. 1835, Alvie parish, Inverness-shire, Scotland, d. 1909, "Ennerdale" near Camperdown, Vic., m1. Christina "Teenie" McDONALD 1849-1883, m2. Catherine Sarah McDONALD 1845-1887, both daughters of Hector and Charlotte McDONALD of the "Rising Sun" Hotel, Hotspur, S-w Vic., and "Mac's Hotel" Portland, S-W Vic.
  3. Marjory "May" ROBERTSON, b. 1837, Alvie parish, Inverness-shire, Scotland, d. 1925, Balmoral, S-W Vic., unmarried.
  4. William ROBERTSON, b. 1839, Colony of NSW, d. 1918, Melbourne, Vic., unmarried.
  5. Ann ROBERTSON, b. ~1842, Wannon river, S-W Vic., d. 1920, "Barmedman" station, NSW., m. 1868, Melbourne, Vic., to Lachlan ROBERTSON 1837-1916, son of Duncan ROBERTSON & Margaret STEWART.