Michael WHITE 1789-1869 and his wife Ellen KIELY 1803-1883 from Co Limerick, Ireland arrived along with their children Thomas, Patrick, Catherine, Edward, James and John on the "David Malcolm" at Adelaide, South Australia in 1854.
The WHITE family appears to have arrived in the Carapook area c.1861. They selected land in Beerik Parish (east of Carapook and named it "Den Hills."
Two of their sons Patrick WHITE 1831-1895 and Edward WHITE 1841-1910 were listed as ratepayers at Carapook in 1875.

Michael WHITE and his wife Ellen died at their prpoerty "Den Hills" and were buried in the Coleraine Cemetery in 1869 and 1883 respectively.

Another son Thomas WHITE 1829-1901, a farmer with 6 school-aged children, living 1 mile S of Carapook was marked on the map and signed the 1875 petition aimed at establishing a new school at Carapook.

Patrick WHITE and Edward WHITE, sons of Michael & Ellen were listed as ratepayers on land at Carapook in 1875.

There was a Thomas George WHITE who married a Stella Marie GARDINER in 1909 and stated that he was born at Carapook which would make him around the right age to be a part of this WHITE family born in the 1870's. This Thomas now appears to be one of the children of Thomas WHITE 1827-1901 who was ready to attend a school at Carapook. The difficulty with identification appears to be caused by the births of these children not being listed in the Victorian birth indexes.

Michael WHITE and Ellen KIELY had the following known family...

  1. Thomas WHITE b. 1829, Co Limerick, Ireland, m. 1861 to Margaret Ellen O'BRIEN and had the following known children:
    1. Michael Thomas WHITE, b. 1862, Adelaide, SA, d. 1925, Victoria, m. Elizabeth Emily MORRISON 1871-1957
    2. Mary Elizabeth WHITE, b. c.1863, d. 1924, Melbourne, Vic
    3. Nellie WHITE, b. ____
    4. Thomas George WHITE, b. 1867, Carapook, Vic, d. 1945 m. 1909 Stella Maria GARDINER 1884-1972
    5. Edward James WHITE, b. 1869, Carapook, Vic, d. 1959, Melbourne, Vic, m. Lily CRISP b. 1884, Albury, NSW. d. 1952, Melbourne, Vic (Edward WHITE was a Grazier and M.L.C. for Western Province and they had a large family at Hamilton, Western Victoria.)
    6. Catherine "Agnes" WHITE, b. 1872 Carapook, Vic, d. 1939, Melbourne, Vic m. John James PODGER 1865-1929 (married at Casterton Sacred Heart Church in 1891, children born at Terang & Warrnambool)
    7. Katie WHITE, b. abt 1874, ____
    8. John Patrick WHITE, b. 1875 Carapook, S-W Vic, single trapper, aged 41y, of of Hamilton in April 1916 when he enlisted in the AIF as...
      • enlisted as Pte 11856, 3rd Division Supply Column, AIF on 11th April 1916
      • embarked from Melbourne on the "Afric" on 5th June 1916
      • embarked from England for RTA as Pte 11956, 3rd Division Motor Transport Company, AIF on 22nd July 1919
      • Named : Carapook WW1 Honour Roll
      • Wrote to AIF about not receiving medals from "Kadnook" station, near Harrow on 9th October 1922
      • Died at Sunbury in 1950
    9. Margaret WHITE, b. c.1877
    10. child WHITE, b. ____
    Patrick White 1831-1895 Catherine SAMPEY 1844-1933
    Patrick White 1831-1895 Catherine Bridget SAMPEY 1844-1933 and Ellen Catherine WHITE 1883-1968

  2. Patrick WHITE 1831-1895, b. Co Limerick, Ireland, d. "Verdant Hills" Carapook, S-W Victoria, m. 1880, Merino, S-W Victoria to Catherine Bridget SAMPEY c.1844-1933, b. Co Roscommon, Ireland to Thomas SAMPEY and Bridget McDERMOTT, d. Melbourne, Victoria. Patrick WHITE purchased the Carapook property which became known as "Verdant Hills", later owned by Norman SOMERVILLE. The WHITE family did not sell "Verdant Hills" until 1928. Patrick and Catherine WHITE had the following child...
    1. Ellen Catherine "Kate" WHITE 1883-1968, b. 1883 "Verdant Hills" Carapook, S-W Victoria, d. Hamilton, S-W Victoria, m. 1904, Casterton, S-W Victoria to Thomas Wall CARROLL 1878-1969, b. Minyip, Victoria, to Thomas Byrne CARROLL and Margaret WALL, d. Brisbane, Queensland. 4 children.

  3. John WHITE b. 1833, Co Limerick, Ireland, d. 1908, Northcote, Vic.
  4. Michael WHITE b. 1835, Ireland, d. ____.
  5. infant WHITE b. 1837, d. 1837, Ireland.
  6. Catherine WHITE b. 1839, Co Limerick, Ireland, d. 1886, near Harrow, S-W Victoria, m. 1863, Beerik Parish (Carapook-Coleraine) to David BARRY c. 1835-1900, b. Co Limerick, Ireland, d. Melbourne, and had the following children in the Coleraine area:
    1. Francis George BARRY, b. 1865, Coleraine, Vic, d. 1938 Dubbo, NSW, m. 1920, NSW to Mary Florence WEST
    2. Michael BARRY, b. 1866, Coleraine, Vic....?
    3. David BARRY, b. 1868, Co Dundas, Vic, d. 1925 Melbourne, Vic., m. 1890 to Elizabeth Jane SMITH
    4. Honora BARRY, b. 1870, Co Dundas, Vic, d. 1954, Adelaide, SA [Loreto Nun]
    5. Mary Ellen BARRY, b. 1871, Co Dundas, Vic, d. 1956, Kew, Vic [Loreto Teacher]
    6. Catherine Ann BARRY, b. 1873, d. 1874, Co Dundas, Vic

  7. Edward J "Ned" WHITE b. 1841, Ireland, d. 1910 "Den Hills" m. 1876 to Margaret Mary HOGAN c. 1845-1922 and had 1 child:
    1. Michael James WHITE, b. 1878, "Den Hills" Carapook-Coleraine, S-W Victoria, d. 1955, Melbourne, m. 1927 to Ruth Wilhelmina BURNET (nee HILDEBRANDT) 1877-1943.

  8. James WHITE b. 1843, Co Limerick, Ireland, m. 1885 to Mary DUNNE and she died in the same year. James WHITE then married Bridget QUIGLEY in 1892 and had the following known children:
    1. James Michael WHITE, b. 1893, Coleraine, Vic
    2. Mary Frances WHITE, b. 1894, Coleraine, Vic
    3. Winifred Catherine WHITE, b. 1895, Coleraine, Vic

  9. William WHITE b. bef.1854, d. bef.1854, Ireland.
  10. Johannah WHITE b. bef.1854, d. bef.1854, Ireland.
  11. Ellen WHITE b. bef.1854, d. bef.1854, Ireland.