Chetwynd, is a township on the Chetwynd River, a tributary of the Glenelg River, situated north of Casterton in south-west Victoria, Australia. It was surrounded by the pastoral runs of "Bogalara," "Buckle Kupple," "Chetwynd," "Glenmire," "Kadnook," "Mooree" and "Koolomert." The name Chetwynd came from Granville Chetwynd STAPYLTON who was Major MITCHELL's second-in-command on his epic exploration of Western Victoria in 1836 (Ref: "Place Names of Victoria," Les Blake).

"Chetwynd" Pastoral Run was a part of the original "Kout Narin" Pastoral Run occupied by Thomas NORRIS in April 1840. It was later occupied in September 1852 by WILLIS & SWANSTON and taken over in September 1859 by by J. H. CAMPBELL and H. A. ELMS. The original "Kout Narin" Pastoral Run was at later times sub-divided into "Kadnook," "Chetwynd," "Pigeon Ponds," "Mooree," "Kollomert," "Wellat," "Tallangour," and "Buckle Kupple."

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