Thomas Willam SILVESTER 1823-1892, b. Buckinghamshire, England, son of Thomas SILVESTER and Mary ENSCOE was married in 1851 at Portland, Victoria (or Mount Gambier, South Australia) to Mary FITZGERALD 1823-1904, b. Castle Gregory, Co Kerry, Ireland, eldest daughter of Bryan Cunningham FITZGERALD and Mary FINN. Mary FITZGERALD was a sister of Bryan Cunningham FITZGERALD of Sandford, Victoria.

Thomas William SILVESTER died at his residence "Spring Dale" Merino, Victoria on 28 June 1892.

"The Hamilton Spectator" (Vic.) Thursday, 30th June 1892
Quite a sensation was produced here on Tuesday when it was reported that Mr. T. W. Silvester had died suddenly. Enquiries proved the report to be only too well founded, the old gentleman having passed quietly away early on Tuesday morning. The surprise was greater because the deceased gentleman had been seen about apparently in his usual health up to a short time before, and he had not complained of ill health beyond what was described as a severe attack of indigestion. On Tuesday morning deceased appeared to be sleeping longer than usual, and not responding to the calls made upon him to rise, something serious was apprehended, and on examination the worst fears were realised. Dr. Smith of Casterton, was summoned, and arrived only to confirm the sad reality that the case was not one--as was fondly hoped, and thought possible--of suspended animation.
Mr. Silvester was one of our longest inhabitants, having extensively purchased good land in the vicinity of Merino as early as 1860, and this, with certain additions since made, formed the valuable and picturesque property known as Spring Dale, in connection with which the deceased was so intimately known, and where he had lived for close on thirty years. Mr. Silvester was of a persevering character, and possessed of good natural resources.
He left Buckingham, England, when a mere lad to better his fortune, and Tasmania being the part selected he had to combat with all the hardships and drawbacks incidental to such a young unpopulated country ; but push and tact, combined with industry, carried him through a sea of difficulties, and he ultimately succeeded beyond all expectations. He went from Tasmania to Mount Gambier, where he married and settled for a time ; leaving there he came to Portland, where for a year or two he carried on an extensive butchering trade, and from there he removed to Balmoral, and for a few years was known in connection with the Squatters' Arms Hotel. His next venture was to Merino, where, as I observed before, he purchased a good deal of land, and since resided.
Mr. Silvester was a magistrate, and much respected on the Bench, though suffering for many years back from chronic rheumatism in the legs which prevented him from attending regularly to magisterial requirements.
Some four years ago Mr. Silvester took trip home to England, and visited most of the chief cities.
He was 68 years' of age at the time of his death, and leaves a grown-up family of sons and daughters, two of the former being the well-known solicitors of Coleraine, Messrs. Eugene and Robert Silvester.

Mary SILVESTER (FITZGERALD), widow of Thomas William SILVESTER died at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr E. F. CROUCH, "Frontier House" Glencoe, near Mount Gambier, South Australia on 4 March 1904. Both Mary and her husband Thomas were buried in the Merino Cemetery.

Thomas William SILVESTER and Mary FITZGERALD had the following known family....

  1. Mary Jane SILVESTER 1852-1934, b. Casterton, Victoria; d. Mount Gambier, SA; m. 1891 to Edmund Fitzgerald CROUCH c.1855-1929, b. Mout Gambier, SA; d. Mount Gambier, SA.
  2. Thomas William SILVESTER 1854-1859, b. Casterton, Victoria; d. Balmoral, Victoria.
  3. Martha Mary SILVESTER 1856-1941, b. Portland, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  4. Eugene SILVESTER 1858-1912, b. Balmoral, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria, m. 1882 to Edith Maud Lee ARCHER 1863-1929, b. Ararat, Victoria to Joseph Lee ARCHER and Mary Lee YOUNG; d. Ballarat, Victoria, and they had the following family...
    1. Grenville Archer SILVESTER, b. 1883, Coleriane, Vic, d, 1933, Casterton, Vic, m. Alexandra Frances Henty McLEOD 1894-1943
    2. Eugenie Millie Lee SILVESTER, b. 1885, Coleraine, Vic, d. 1966, Melbourne, Vic., m. Dr. Harrie Bertie LEE D.S.O., M.C.
    3. Clive Ellis SILVESTER, b. 1887, Coleraine, Vic, d. 1962, Melbourne, Vic., m. Beryl Frances WARING
    4. Thomas Eric SILVESTER, b. 1889, Coleraine, Vic, d. ......., m. Hilda CAREW
    5. Beryl Eda Lee SILVESTER, b. 1890, Coleraine, Vic, d. 1961
    6. Winifred Lee SILVESTER, b. 1900, Coleraine, Vic, d. 1977, Melbourne, Vic., m. Frank Gerard HARTLEY 1890-1956

  5. Thomas Ellis SILVESTER 1860-1924, b. Balmoral, Victoria; d. Merino, Victoria; m. 1891 to Margaret Jane FITZGERALD 1870-1925, b. Sandford, Victoria to Bryan Cunningham FITZGERALD and Robina HAWKINS, and they had the following family...
    1. Thomas Ellis SILVESTER, b. 1892, Merino, Vic, m. Mary CAGNY
    2. Bessie Eileen SILVESTER, b. 1893, Melbourne, Vic, m. Osland Albert KELLY
    3. Gerald Bryan SILVESTER, b. 1894, Merino, Vic, d. 1951
      • enlisted WW1, 9 Aug 1915
      • served as Pte 6639, 1st Division Ammunition Train, AIF
      • RTA 9 Jul 1919
      • Named on Merino War Memorial

  6. Bryan Fitzgerald SILVESTER 1862-1866, b. Merino, Victoria d. Merino, Victoria.
  7. Eliza Ann "Bessie" SILVESTER 1863-1928, b. Merino, Victoria; d. Portland, Victoria, m. 1893 to John Cunningham Finn FITZGERALD 1864-1954, b. Bolwarra, near Portland, Victoria to John Bryan FITZGERALD and May DUNN; d. Portland, Victoria.
  8. Robert Thomas SILVESTER 1865-1943, b. Merino, Victoria; d. Portland, Victoria; m. 1908 to Euphemia Janet ANDERSON 1879-1959, b. Portland, Victoria to William Primrose ANDERSON and Euphemia Elizabeth BROWN; d. Portland, Victoria.