Hugh McEACHERN b. 1776 Knock, Argyleshire, Scotland son of Angus & Mary McEACHERN, was married in Scotland to Mary Margaret STEWART (1780-1834) Morvern, Argyle, Scotland. His wife Mary died in Morven, Argyleshire and Hugh re-married to Mary Ann CAMPBELL in 1834.

Hugh McEACHERN and family sailed for Australia in the ship "British King" under Captain William Paton from Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Scotland on 28 October 1838, arriving at Sydney on 1 March 1839.

Hugh McEACHERN and sons travelled overland from the Colony of NSW to Port Phillip with horses and cattle and eventually settled at "Heathfield" west of the present day township of Casterton in the 1840s.

Hugh McEACHERN died at his station "Heathfield" and was buried in the "Heathfield" private cemetery north of the Casterton - Penola Road, about 15 miles west of Casterton. His headstone (the only one in the cemetery but there were many burials there) states "Erected by the sons of Hugh McEachern of Heathfield, in memory of their father who died 23 March 1863, aged 82 years".

Hugh McEACHERN & Mary Margaret STEWARThad the following children:

  1. Margaret McEACHERN b. 1809, Morvern, Argyleshire, Scotland, d. 1897 Sydney, NSW, m.1 1847 to Capt. Thomas KYLE 1809-1853, m.2 to James CAMERON 1802-1879.

  2. Johannah McEACHERN b. 1811 Scotland, m. Hugh McPHERSON;

  3. William McEACHERN b. 1814 Morvern, Argyleshire, Scotland, d. 1895, m1 Mary Elizabeth HOLDEN; m2 Euphemia KYLE;

  4. Angus McEACHERN b. 1816 Scotland, d. 1875, Vic m. Ann McDONALD;

  5. Malcoln Stewart McEACHERN b. 1819, Morvern, Argyleshire, Scotland, d. 1879, Vic, m1 Eliza ROSS; m2 Ann CAMERON;

  6. Archibald McEACHERN b. 1820 Morvern, Argyleshire, Scotland, d. 1896 Strathdownie West, S-W Vic., m.1 Mary McARTHUR ~1829-1861, m.2 Valentine Margaret MORRISON 1843-1881;

  7. Catherine Livingston McEACHERN b. 1824, Morvern, Argyleshire, Scotland, d. 1875 Vic, mar James CAMERON; m.

  8. Duncan McEACHERN b. 1824, Morvern, Argyleshire, Scotland, d. 1906, Portland, Vic, m. Margaret McDONALD;

  9. John "Long John" McEACHERN b. 1828, Morvern, Argyleshire, Scotland, d. 1908 Nelson, Vic, m. Ann McLEAN;

  10. Sarah McEACHERN b. 1830, Morvern, Argyleshire, Scotland.

Hugh McEACHERN 1776-1863 & Mary Ann CAMPBELL 1794-1882

Hugh McEACHERN's second marriage in Argyllshire Scotland was to Ann CAMPBELL

Hugh McEACHERN & Ann CAMPBELLhad the following children:

  1. Jane McEACHERN b. 1835 Morvern, Argyleshire, Scotland, d. 1906, Mt Gambier, SA, m.1 John McINTYRE c.1810-1854, m.2 1868 to John McKenzie McRAE c.1833-1892;

  2. John "Little John" McEACHERN 1837-1923, b. Morvern, Argyleshire, Scotland d. "The Wattles" Strathdownie West, S-W Victoria, m. Annabella McKENZIE 1835-1922;