Aaron PITCHER 1804-1859, b. Dorsetshire, England son of Joseph PITCHER and Elizabeth PRIDDLE married in 1824 in Dorsetshire, England to Elizabeth PITCHER, b. 1805 Dorsetshire, England, daughter of John PITCHER and Betty ANDREWS.

Aaron's wife and some children died in England or remained behind when Aaron PITCHER and some of his children emigrated from England to Port Phillip District, Colony of NSW on the "Courier" in 1849.

Aaron PITCHER and two of his sons were engaged by Edward HENTY at "Muntham" Station in 1849.

Aaron PITCHER built the first wattle and daub residence at Casterton on the Glenelg River in the 1840s on the site of the Police Stables.

Aaron PITCHER and Elizabeth PITCHER had the following family:

  1. Isabella PITCHER b. 1825, Dorsetshire, England, m. William MARSH [remained in England]
  2. Mary Ann PITCHER b. 1826, d. 1826, Dorsetshire, England.
  3. John PITCHER b. 1827, Dorsetshire, England, m1. Mary Ann Matthias CAREY, m2. Charlotte Elizabeth STOKES, m3. Mary ann BROUGH. John was employed as a wheelwright at "Muntham" in 1849 and later had a Blacksmith business in Casterton.
  4. Ann PITCHER b. 1829, Dorsetshire, England, m. John JENKINS [lived at Port Macdonnell, South Australia]
  5. Agnes Ellen PITCHER b. 1831, Dorsetshire, England, m. Robert HOLLIS [lived at Portland, Vic]
  6. Elizabeth PITCHER b. ca 1832, Dorsetshire, England, [arrived with the family in 1849 ??]
  7. George PITCHER b. 1833, Dorsetshire, England, m. Mary Ann HOLLIS [lived in Portland & Coleraine, Vic]
  8. Albion PITCHER b. 1836, d. 1836 Dorsetshire, England.
  9. Frances Elizabeth PITCHER b. 1837, Dorsetshire, England, m. William COE [lived at 'Muntham" and Coleraine]
  10. Albert PITCHER b. 1840, Dorsetshire, England, m. Jane HOLLIS [lived at "Muntham", Casterton & Coleraine]