Caleb RADFORD, born c.1813, London, England, son of Joseph RADFORD and ____ married c.1839 at Hackney, London, England to Mary Sarah WESTON, born 1812, daughter of John WESTON (surgeon) and Jane SIMMONDS.

Mary Sarah WESTON was a younger sister of William Pritchard WESTON who was twice Premier of Tasmania in 1857 and 1860.

Dr Caleb RADFORD was Surgeon Superintendent on the "Birmingham" which sailed from Plymouth, England on 27 Mar 1854 and arrived at Portland, Victoria on 6 Jan 1855. His wife and three children sailed as passengers on this voyage.

The family appears to have lived at Portland, Sandford and Casterton where Caleb established himself as one of the local surgeons until his death at Sandford in 1888.

Mary Sarah RADFORD (nee WESTON) died at Bruk Bruk, near Carapook in 1877. This is where her son Caleb RADFORD was teaching at that time.

Caleb RADFORD and Mary Sarah WESTON had the following known family:

  1. Frederick Howard RADFORD, b. c.1841, London, England, d. ........, m. ........... (aged 38y in 1877), .
  2. Edward Joseph RADFORD, b. c. 1842, London, England, d. bef 1877 ................
  3. Caleb Horatio RADFORD, b. c.1843, Sussex, England, d. 1923, Melbourne, Vic, m. 1880 Maria Theresa BOARDMAN 1852-1898.

    Caleb RADFORD was a teacher at the Sandford Common School from 1862-1867. He was a teacher at Bruk Bruk and Carapook Schools from 1872-1883.

    Caleb RADFORD and Maria Theresa BOARDMAN had the following known family.....

    1. Arthur Astley RADFORD, b. 1881, Casterton, Vic, d. 1948, , m. Amy Louise SMALE.
    2. Constance Maritana RADFORD, b. 1883, d. 1883, Casterton, Vic.
    3. Estelle Weston RADFORD, b. 1885, Sandford, Vic, d. 1973, m. Edward Lane INGPEN.
    4. Norma Feodore RADFORD, b. 1887, d. 1889 Sandford, Vic.
    5. Claude Fairbairn RADFORD, b. 1891, d. 1891 Sandford, Vic.
    6. Vivian Beresford RADFORD, b. 1892, Sandford, Vic, d. ............, m. ...........
    Caleb RADFORD's wife died in 1894 or 1898 and he married again in 1903 to Alice JENSEN, b, 1863, Sebastopol, Victoria, daughter of Christian JENSEN and Janet McFAYDEN, Alice was a teacher at Casterton. Caleb and Alice RADFORD had one daughter..
    1. Bertha Alice Mary RADFORD, b. 1904, Casterton, Vic, ................