John McLAUGHLIN 1827-1893, b. Co Tyrone, Ireland son of John McLAUGHLIN and ____; d. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; married 1851 in Co Tyrone, Ireland to Mary MILLER 1832-1909, b. Co Tyrone, Ireland, daughter of William MILLER and Jane DONALD; d. Minimay, near Goroke, Victoria, Australia.

John McLAUGHLIN, his wife Mary MILLER and seven children arrived at Hobson's Bay (Melbourne), Victoria on 4 May 1865 on the ship "Thunderbolt" which left Liverpool, England on 18 Jan 1865. The family soon settled in the Sandford area, on the Wannon River in south-western Victoria where an additional four children were born from 1867 to 1872.

Later, many members of the family moved north from Sandford to the Minimay & Goroke area of Western Victoria.

John McLAUGHLIN died in Melbourne in 1893 and his widow Mary died at Minimay, Victoria in 1909 and was buried at Minimay.

John McLAUGHLIN & Mary MILLER had the following known family:

  1. Elizabeth McLAUGHLIN 1853-1915, b. Co Tyrone, Ireland; d. Minimay, near Goroke, Victoria; m. Archibald McINTYRE 1841-1896, b. Isle of Mull, Scotland to Archibald "Archie" McINTYRE and Flora McLEAN; d. Minimay, Victoria. 8 children.
  2. Sarah Jane McLAUGHLIN 1855-1878, b. Co Tyrone, Ireland; d. Sandford, Victoria; twins birth Reg. at Sandford, Victoria in 1873.
  3. William McLAUGHLIN 1857-1902, b. Co Tyrone, Ireland; unmarried; d. Horsham, Victoria.
  4. John McLAUGHLIN 1858-1922, b. Co Tyrone, Ireland; d. Melbourne, Victoria; of Sandford, Casterton, Mansfield and Melbourne, Victoria; m.1 in 1883 to Annie DOUGLAS 1862-1900, b. Portland, Victoria to George DOUGLAS and Mary THOMPSON; d. Casterton, Victoria; 5 children including one son John Jubilee McLAUGHLIN 1887-1915 killed in action at Gallipoli; m.2 in 1910 to Harriet Mary Marshall POTTER 1880-1966, b. Fryerstown, near Castlemaine, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; 6 children at Melbourne and Mansfield, Victoria.
  5. James McLAUGHLIN 1861-1912, b. Co Tyrone, Ireland; d. "Muntham" Estate, near Casterton, Victoria; m. Mary McFARLANE 1875-1933, b. Hamilton, Victoria to Dugald McFARLANE and Marion (Sarah) McINNES; d. Warragul, Victoria; 3 children.
  6. Robert McLAUGHLIN 1862-1927, b. Co Tyrone, Ireland; d. Minimay, near Goroke, Victoria; m. 1903 to Gladys Martha McINTYRE 1885-1933, b. Queensland to Archibald McINTYRE and Elizabeth "Eliza" McLAUGHLIN; d. Bordertown, South Australia; 9 children.
  7. Andrew Thomas King McLAUGHLIN 1865-1923, b. Co Tyrone, Ireland; d. "Mount Cone" Station, Burra district, South Australia; m. in 1894 to Hannah Sarah EVEREST 1877-1974, b. Kingston-on-Murray, South Australia to George EVEREST and Sarah HILLIARD; d. Melbourne, Victoria; 7 children.
  8. Joseph Miller McLAUGHLIN 1867-1944, b. Sandford, Victoria; farmer of Wando Vale Closer Settlement Scheme, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1900 to Ellen TUFFNELL 1874-1943, b. Nangeela, near Casterton, Victoria to Robert TUFFNELL and Mary Ann FOSTER; d. Geelong, Victoria; 7 children.
  9. Mary Ann McLAUGHLIN 1870-1949, b. Sandford, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1914 to Thomas Henry BAYLEY 1863-1915, b. Newbridge, Victoria to John Francis Greenidge BAYLEY and Rosanna Sarah WILLIAMS; d. Melbourne, Victoria; No issue.
  10. Martha Jane McLAUGHLIN 1872-1903, b. Sandford, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria (after an operation).
  11. Samuel Henry McLAUGHLIN 1872-1932, b. Sandford, Victoria; Farmer of Leneva, near Wodonga; d. Wodonga, Victoria; bachelor.