1840 : Dunrobin Pastoral Run
In January, 1840, Messrs John Elliot ADDISON 1796-1848 and William MURRAY 1796-1871 brought sheep from Van Diemen's Land, and took up "Dunrobin" (the first station formed on the Glenelg) on the west bank of the river, above its junction with the Wannon, and were immediately followed by Mr. William M'CULLOCH, who took up a station known as the "Hummocks" or "Retreat," on the east bank of the river near its junction with the Wando. In his 1852 letter John George ROBERTSON mentions the formation of these stations.

1848 : Dunrobin Pastoral Run

Leased by--Addison and Murray
Name of run--Dunrobin
Estimated area--153,600 acres
Estimated grazing capability--37 head of cattle, 14,000 sheep. On the west side of the river Glenelg, commencing 55 chains north of the junction of the rivers Wannon and Glenelg, and bounded on the south by a perpendicular line of 11 miles due west along land occupied by John Macpherson, on the west by a perpendicular line of 24 miles due north, partly along land occupied by John M'Lellan and unoccupied land, on the north by a perpendicular line of 9 miles due east, thence by a road to Mr Pearson's crossing place on the Glenelg river aforesaid & about 60 chains north of his home station, on the east by the Glenelg river to the point of commencement, distant 24 miles in a straight line with the exception of the border of the river much of the above run consists of extensive heaths and sandy stringy bark forests. ["The Argus" Friday, 19th January 1849]

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1840-'80 : Map showing Pastoral Runs (larger version of above map)
1840-'48 : John Elliot ADDISON 1796-1848 held "Dunrobin" with William MURRAY.
1841-'46 : William McPHERSON 1822-'66 "Dunrobin" Station Manager.
1850-'54 : Stephen ADDISON c.1795-1854 held "Dunrobin" with William MURRAY.
1855-'56 : John SUTHERLAND 1822-'86 "Dunrobin" Station Manager.
1856 : Charles MITCHELL c.1823-'58 "Dunrobin" Station Overseer.
1866 : John McKenzie McRAE c.1833-'92 "Dunrobin" Station Overseer.
1871 : William MURRAY 1796-1871 owner of "Dunrobin," died at Hobart.
1871 : Alexander Sutherland MURRAY 1846-1900 inherited "Dunrobin" Station.
1872-1902 : Peter McEWEN 1840-1902 "Dunrobin" Station Overseer.
1900 : Alexander Sutherland MURRAY 1846-1900 owner of "Dunrobin," died at Buninyong.
c.1910 : Fox Hunt at Corndale & Dunrobin.
1912 : Dunrobin Closer Settlement.
1913 : Dunrobin State School.
1914 : Dunrobin Hall : 1914.
c.1920 : Dunrobin Honour Roll (WW1).
1921 : Dunrobin Football Team.