George JELLY 1815-1896, b. Co Down, Northern Ireland, son of William JELLY & Jane IRWIN was married in 1850 in Lancashire, England to Jane SHAW 1832-1920, b. Lancashire, England, daughter of Mark SHAW and Mary LAW.

George and Jane JELLY had a daughter Mary in Lancashire, England in 1852 and emigrated on the ship "Athletae" which arrived at Portland, S-W Victoria in February 1855.

In the 1850s it appears from the following report that George JELLY, builder of Casterton found evidence of coal deposits when looking for lime in the Gelenelg and Wannon valleys of S-W Victoria...

"The Age" (Melbourne, Vic.) Friday, 15th January 1875.
COAL IN THE WANNON VALLEY.--Mr. George Jelly, a well-known resident in this district, says in reference to the alleged discovery of coal, recently reported by the Hamilton Spectator, that in 1856 and 1859, when looking for lime, he found coal shale and lignite at Satimer, Muntham, Hilgay, and Coleraine. He sent specimens to Mr. Dacomb, who forwarded them to Melbourne, and in consequence Mr. Selwyn, the Government geologist, came up to Casterton, and asked Mr. Jelly to point out the place, which he was unable to do, being pressed for time in carrying out a building contract. He, however, described the locality as well as he could, and probably Mr. Selwyn's observations caused the Wannon to be marked on the geological map as a coal-bearing district. Mr. Jelly first saw coal at the Fighting Waterholes, then at Satimer, next at Muntham, and he alleges that he came across the same seam now found by Mr. J. R. M'Pherson at Wando Vale, extending to Mr. Coldham's station, and crossing the Wannon at Mr. Winter's. The coal bearing rocks were very distinct, having the fern imbedded therein, and some of the specimens are now in the Melbourne Museum. Mr. Jelly states that he dug one hole at Satimer, and struck the seam nine feet from the surface. He has now a letter from the Government of the day, offering him a square mile of land for the discovery of a payable coal-field. Some specimens from Mr. M'Pherson's land have reached the Spectator office.

Mrs Jane JELLY (SHAW) signed the 1891 Women's Suffrage Petition at Casterton as did two daughters and a daughter-in-law.

George and Jane JELLY are both buried in the Casterton Old Cemetery.

George JELLY & Jane SHAW had the following known family...

  1. Mary JELLY 1852-1938, b. Lancashire, England, d. Bahgallah, S-W Victoria; m. 1884 to Murdoch McINTYRE 1846-1932, b. Isle of Skye to John McINTYRE and Mary McKAY, d. Casterton, S-W Victoria. 6 children.
  2. Elizabeth Ann JELLY 1856-1900, b. Casterton, S-W Victoria, d. Hamilton, S-W Victoria; m. 1877 to Richard DIWELL 1853-1920, b. Portland, S-W Victoria to William DIWELL and Mary Ann TURNER, d. Hamilton, S-W Victoria. 12 children. Elizabeth DIWELL signed the 1891 Women's Suffrage Petition at Casterton.
  3. Rebecca JELLY 1858-1932, b. Casterton, S-W Victoria, d. Sale, Victoria; m. 1885 to Andrew Oliver MURPHY 1858-1930, b. Portland, S-W Victoria to James MURPHY and Margaret OLIVER, d. Casterton, S-W Victoria. 1 daughter. Rebecca MURPHY (JELLY) signed the 1891 Women's Suffrage Petition at Casterton.
  4. William JELLY 1861-1909, b. Casterton, S-W Victoria, carpenter and builder of Casterton, d. Casterton, S-W Victoria; m. 1889 to Annabella McINTYRE 1864-1949, b. Dartmoor, S-W Victoria to John McINTYRE and Mary McKAY, d. Melbourne, Victoria. 8 children. Annabella JELLY (McINTYRE) signed the 1891 Women's Suffrage Petition at Casterton.
  5. Ellen Jane JELLY 1863-1927, b. Kincraig (Naracoorte), South Australia, d. Redcliffs (near Mildura), Victoria; m. 1884 to David RAE 1857-1934, b. Portland, S-W Victoria to David RAE and Frances "Fanny" HAWKINS, d. Hamilton, S-W Victoria. 9 childen.
  6. George Mark JELLY 1866-1868, b. and d. Casterton, S-W Victoria.
  7. Georgina JELLY 1868-1938, b. Casterton, S-W Victoria, d. Casterton, S-W Victoria; m. 1889 to Jeremiah Henry COLLINGS 1863-1940, b. Ararat, Victoria to William Frederick COLLINGS and Charlotte MORRIS, d. Melbourne, Victoria. 6 childen.
  8. Edith Nancy JELLY 1871-1968, b. Casterton, S-W Victoria, d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1894 to William SMEDLEY 1864-1958, b. Goldie, Victoria to William SMEDLEY and Margaret WARD, d. Melbourne, Victoria. 9 childen.
  9. John "Jack" JELLY 1873-1953, b. Casterton, S-W Victoria, d. Horsham, Victoria; m. 1904 to Petena May HARDIE 1878-1972, b. Hamilton, S-W Victoria to Peter Henderson HARDIE and Henrietta NICHOLLS, d. Horsham, Victoria. 3 childen.